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Student story

Logan Cane

02 August 2023

"I would really like to work in the power industry..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, with a minor in Power Engineering

Founder, Logan’s Lawns

Electrical Engineer, Mitton ElectroNet Ltd

So you used to be a part of the New Zealand Air Force! What motivated you to go onto university studies?

When I was in the Air Force, I started as an avionics technician. Although not great at the hand skills side of things, I was immensely interested in the theory. That is when I realised, I’d make a better engineer than technician!

Why UC for Engineering?

I moved to Christchurch from Wellington specifically for UC. After lots of research, I found that UC was considered the best university in New Zealand for Engineering. Auckland University was a close second, but who wants to pay that much in rent!

I enjoy all of the resources and how they are all in one place. Unlike some other universities, most of the University is on one campus, and most of Engineering is in one, very stylish modern part of the University. That means that it is never a hassle to access resources like the library or the café!

What helped you settle in to university lifestyle?

On my very first day I used the Academic Skills Centre and they recommended their writing courses. So I attended and I’ve never had bad feedback on my writing.

I also attended the EngMe mentoring sessions during my first year, and they were so helpful at meeting new friends.

And now you’re an EngMe Mentor! Got any advice for future Engineering students?

Although being academically inclined is important, what is more important is to have good time management skills. So, my number one tip that I give all of my mentees, is to treat your studies as if it is a job. If you can, turn up at 9 and leave at 5. There is wiggle room and exceptions to this rule of course, but, if you keep it in the back of your mind, you’ll do great!

How have you been getting on in your own study journey?

I enjoy most things, but particularly that projects where you get to work with others and apply what you’ve been taught. I hope to take part in the EPECentre field trip later this year. Looks fun!

Immediately after graduating, I would really like to work in the power industry; I love big, scary stuff! Eventually, I would like to start my own consultancy, but there is much to learn between now and then.

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