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Student story

Phu Huu Phan

20 July 2023

"Working in a professional R&D environment offers me a great deal of intellectual and personal satisfaction..."


Master of Engineering with an endorsement in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electronics Design Engineer, Zetec Ltd

Phu's ambition to advance in his professional career led him to the Master of Engineering (ME) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at UC. 

"This was an invaluable chance for me to strengthen my professional skills, develop a solid personal network, and also an opportunity for me to take further steps in my future career." 

Originally from Hanoi, Vietnam, Phu chose to study at UC given the University's high ranking in the field of Engineering. 

His decision to move to New Zealand was centred on the country's serenity. 

"Upon my first visit to New Zealand I fell in love with the peace and beauty of the country. I knew I would live, study and start my career here," he says.

His learning capabilities were empowered by the "amazing people in the Department of Computer and Electrical engineering and access to high-tech lab equipment; the most enjoyable moment of my study was when my Complete Design had been approved!" 

As a part of his study Phu designed and built a low-cost maximum power point tracking (MPPT) multiple-input-single-output power converter system for home applications in isolated areas. The converter is suitable for most of the common small scale renewable energy systems, and able to support two types of inputs, such as wind and micro-hydro turbine, and PV.

Phu say UC's support services were extremely beneficial during the course of his Master's. 

"When I started my study in UC, I attended lots of classes that were run by Academic Skills Centre, such as planning my thesis, Academic English writing, starting a small talk, etc. My study was made easier through these useful services."        

Through the ME programme, Phu had the opportunity to undertake industrial projects, gaining practical exposure. 

Within one of these projects Phu met his current employer, and has now secured a job at Zetec Limited – an engineering-based design consultancy service in Christchurch. 

His job role entails a combination of science and maths skills, along with engineering techniques, to design, produce, programme, test, install and maintain electronics systems. 

"Working in a professional R&D environment offers me a great deal of intellectual and personal satisfaction!"

He advises future students to get involved in hands-on learning opportunities at UC.

"It is really helpful for students to take part in internships, field trips and small summer projects. From these activities, you are able to learn more skills and more importantly, get noticed by a potential employer." 

While in New Zealand, it is clear that Phu made a great decision to study here and is on the road to success. He says, "my ambitions from here is to have an exciting, enjoyable, successful and well-balanced career while I can still fully enjoy my life with my family". 

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