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Student story

Tessa Allan

20 July 2023

"I am loving where I am living, the people around me, and all aspects of university life..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Geology and Geography

Looking towards a sustainable future, Tessa’s Geology and Geography degree studies has given her the means to understand and prepare for changes to our world.

"I enjoy that I have found something I am thoroughly interested in," she says. "I find it easy to participate in classes, especially with having engaging lecturers, all of whom are easy to talk to. I love the content in my subjects, the amount of information we are given, and the size of the lecture theatres allows for an engaging and comfortable learning environment."

Since completing a Blake Inspire environmental leadership camp at Waikato during high school, Tessa was keen to follow her passion for the planet into her university journey at UC, with motivation from an industry geologist.

"UC is one of the top universities in New Zealand to study Geology due to the accessibility of locations directly impacted by natural events and places that have a rich history. One thing that topped it off was all the papers under the degree spiked my interests. I got excited even just thinking about the content I will be learning in them!"

From Earth systems to Antarctic Studies courses, within which she is a class representative, Tessa is excited to see where the field of hazard and climate change response will see her end up.

"I feel by the time I finish my degree there are jobs that will exist then that don’t now," she says.

To help develop her leadership skills towards her future goals, Tessa was presented with an Emerging Leaders’ Development Programme (ELDP) Scholarship as a result of her community involvement and achievements during high school.

The programme gives scholarship students early access to the campus and university accommodation, and has students collaborate on community service projects throughout Christchurch.

Following her experiences with ELDP, staying in a university hall seemed like the obvious choice for her first year studying, and Tessa decided on Rochester and Rutherford Hall.

"I am really pleased that I was accepted for Rochester and Rutherford because I am loving where I am living, the people around me, and all aspects of university life. Rochester and Rutherford has a supportive community which brings good vibes and plenty of opportunities to meet new friends without being overwhelmed. It also offers us academic support by having tutors readily available and an environment which encourages ease of learning, which was incredibly important for me.

"My biggest highlight has been my room; it is spacious, has plenty of storage, is bright and warm, comfortable, and easy to personalise. I feel right at home whenever I am in it! Other highlights have been making new friends and talking with the staff as they are all lovely. The food is excellent and is always different!"

As a Canterbury local, Tessa found UC accommodation a great way to feel more involved with social and academic uni life.

"I would encourage you to go to a hall even if you live in the city as it is easier to meet people, you live close to campus, and you will have support in both study and everyday life. The support in place makes it an easy transition from home before moving into flatting," she says.

"The advice I would give is to use all the opportunities the hall offers you if that is through sport, music, social, or academic. Take advantage of it."

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