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Student story

Amelia Horne

20 July 2023

"I love making new friends, the community, the interhall competitions, and hall activities..."


Bachelor of Science in Geology and Geography

With her spare time spent tramping, cycling and orienteering, Amelia found it an easy choice choosing her two science majors.

"I'm passionate about the outdoors, and Geology and Geography line up with this interest. It's fascinating," she says.

Amelia has so far had a lot of success in her studies, being awarded a Leigh and Judith Pownall Prize in Geography for her first-year Geography results. She is also looking forward to studying at the University of Idaho in the USA for a year, through the Rebecca L. Lynch Memorial Scholarship.

"Lecturers are enthusiastic and want to see their students achieve. I want to achieve at my best, and become a Geologist or Hydrogeologist."

As such, setting goals for your studies is something Amelia strongly advises.

"Remember your reason for doing your degree," she says. "When you have a clear long term goal it gives you a purpose for toughing out the less interesting bits rather than chopping and changing subjects."

When it came to choosing her university in the first place, Amelia was inspired by her initial impression of UC.

"My older brother came and had a great time. I liked the feel of UC when I visited him and UC has a really good reputation."

Coming down from the North Island, Amelia chose to stay in a UC hall of residence close to campus, and settled on Arcady Hall.

"It eases the transition from school to university, and moving out of home," she says. "I love making new friends, the community, the interhall competitions, and hall activities, eg, kayaking on the Avon River, Adrenaline Forest, trips to Hanmer Springs."

"Make the most of every opportunity" is her key advice for future students, to become a part of UC's student community.

"There is always something happening and lots of active clubs to join. Get actively involved, be organised, and you will make the most of your time at UC."

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