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Student story

Susan | Change.

02 August 2023

Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management


Tell us a bit about your background.

I gained a degree in commerce straight after high school as going to uni was ‘the done thing’ in my family. But I never thought about what I actually wanted to do. I just chose a path that would lead to a good job.

What did you decide to study this time around?

I’m working towards my degree in Human Resources. I’ve worked with Scouts since 2008, which is largely about leadership and mentoring people. I really enjoy helping people grow. Having this degree is a great way for me to do that with confidence.

How are you enjoying it so far?

I'm absolutely loving it. It’s a challenge fitting it because I also work 40 hours per week. But I’m able to study part time, and I’m motivated to make it work because I’ve chosen something that matters to me.

What are you enjoying most about your program?

It's completely relevant to my world. I feel like every lecture I go to deals with problems I've just witnessed at work. I find myself coming up with all sorts of ideas about what could have been done. My manager really enjoys hearing about what I’m learning too!

And the student experience, how’s that?

The campus has changed a lot in 20 years. It feels like a much more inclusive environment now. UC has become a real community, where people are encouraged to express themselves and their ideas.

Were you daunted at the prospect of being a bit older than the students around you?

I had thought that as an adult I would feel completely off to the side, but it hasn't been like that at all. Group projects have been great for creating an inclusive experience. Everyone works together and values each other’s unique contribution. I feel very happy about my place in the class.

Do you have any advice for others thinking about studying later in life?

When I was 20, I got my degree and got a job and that was it. I stopped thinking about what else I might want to do. But the world kept moving and today there are so many more opportunities. I don't think the papers I'm doing now were even available back then. So keep asking yourself, “do I want a change?” and keep looking at what’s out there.

You’ve followed your passion this time around. Why does that matter?

This experience has been one of self-fulfillment, in a field I hadn't even thought was a possibility for me. I’m also looking forward to where it might lead. Having the opportunity to inspire others and foster their growth is really special to me.

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