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Student story

Scott | New skills, new possibilities.

02 August 2023

Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration


What brought you to UC?

At age 22 after I completed my undergraduate degree, I decided I was done with education. But as I've got older I’ve become curious about learning again. Some of my colleagues had done post-grad study, so last year I decided to try a module as a bit of a test. I enjoyed it and it seemed like a good time in my life to give it a go, so here I am!

How will your diploma enrich your career?

I work in web and digital development, so this course is all about gaining more strings to my bow. I can apply the new skills I’m learning to my current role straight away and it will open up possibilities for my future career as well. This course opens your eyes to new directions and ways to enhance yourself.

What are you enjoying most about the programme so far?

The human aspect. I'm loving working with people from so many different backgrounds. We’re a very eclectic mix, from people who run their own business to those just starting out. Our guest lecturers have fascinating stories to share as well. It's a great learning culture and I feel like it's helping me grow as a person.

Do you feel challenged, supported – or both?

Definitely both. I'm here because I want a challenge, but the university is very supportive too. I’m hard of hearing and I’ve found the disability services, library and academic centre at UC all very helpful. The lecturers are very human too. They’re approachable, easy to talk to and foster your success.

In your mind, what are UC’s strengths?

UC has a strong sense of community and the campus has a real university feel. Shops, food outlets, cafés and classes are all nearby. It's beautiful too, with lots of greenery, rivers and trees blossoming in the springtime. You can happily spend your whole day on campus. It gives you a real sense of calm and belonging.

What’s surprised you most about your programme?

It’s much less “corporate” than what I expected. A lot of what we focus on are things like sustainability, agile development and personal growth. It's dynamic and there's lots of discussion. The course brings a whole bunch of moving elements together. It opens your mind up to start thinking about new things in new ways. It’s been hugely refreshing!

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