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Eliza | For the love of learning.

02 August 2023

Master of Business Administration


What inspired you to enrol in your MBA?

I originally studied business marketing and arts majoring in philosophy. I’ve combined those two interests in my career by focussing on social good and purpose-led marketing. After 10 years of consulting in New Zealand I decided to engage my learner personality and enrol in my MBA!

Why did you choose UC?

I could have done online distance learning but I was attracted to UC because of its new course structure. The focus is on agile and innovative leadership and purpose-driven enterprise which is exactly what I’m interested in. Further to that, it’s entirely applicable to the unique New Zealand experience where businesses have to be incredibly agile and move fast to compete on the world stage.

What are you enjoying most about the degree?

Getting to know all the people. There’s such a fabulous range of individuals from different backgrounds. It gives me a chance to create business networks and meet like-minded people. I really enjoy the campus and being part of a big learning engine. The papers have been interesting and challenging and the lecturers are doing a great job.

How will your MBA make a difference for your career?

I'm largely doing my MBA to fulfil my personal love of learning, but I think it will also give me the confidence to sit at the leadership table. I’d like to contribute to governance and join boards in the charity or education sector. I'm also interested in leading teams. I just don't know what kind of teams they'll be yet!

What's the advantage of doing your MBA at UC?

Businesses in New Zealand face unique challenges, including the tyranny of distance and a small population. The UC MBA tackles those challenges head on and gives students ways to think about and overcome them. I haven't seen UC’s dynamic, agile approach being taught anywhere else. It sets us up brilliantly to succeed in New Zealand and overseas.

What’s surprised you about being a student again?

I was a bit nervous about the prospect of academic study and meeting a whole bunch of new people. But UC has been great – welcoming, laid-back but very academic. There are no social barriers. As soon as you step on campus you’re surrounded by like-minded people, all unified by our desire to learn.

How are you finding the balance of study, work and family?

It is full on. I keep on top of it by studying on the weekends and after the kids are in bed. But that’s what I expected and what I signed up for. Being interested in the subject matter helps me stay motivated too.

Is there good support on hand if you need it?

Yes. The lecturers are all very happy to be contacted if you have questions. The library is a great resource. I’ve signed up for some Zoom courses to remind myself how to do citations and things like that. It’s all here for you if you need it.

Any advice for others thinking about doing something similar?

Just go ahead and do it. There’s never going to be a better time. Organise your life to make study a priority – and make it happen now.

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