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Nina | For the commitment to excellence

24 November 2023

Master of Business Administration (MBA)


Pursuing further education is a revolving door of opportunity. You can always return to your previous path, but if you never try, you'll forever wonder, ‘What if?'

What inspired you to pursue an MBA after being out of study for a while?

I remember finishing my undergraduate degrees and knowing I’d return for the MBA. It took me a decade to accumulate the necessary experience and align the MBA with my work schedule. Also, having a supportive manager helped me feel ready for the MBA challenge.

You work full-time alongside your studies. How do you balance both?

Balancing work and studies can be quite challenging. I'm committed to excelling in both areas, which often means dedicating late nights and weekends to assignments. UC’s MBA programme really emphasises the importance of wellbeing. During orientation, we had a whole day dedicated exclusively to wellbeing. This highlighted the importance of taking breaks, going for walks, or doing quick meditations to refresh our minds when facing challenges. Additionally, I'm fortunate to have a supportive partner who takes care of household tasks during busy times. Getting an MBA is a family project.

Are you able to apply any of your learnings in real-time?

Many aspects of my studies directly benefit my current work. Several classes have been particularly valuable. For instance, the Leadership course helped me gain better self-awareness, which in turn improved my understanding of others. The Innovation by Design class taught me Design Thinking, providing me with a versatile framework applicable to problem-solving in various contexts. I could go on about the benefits of each class, but overall, the MBA has made me a more well-rounded and informed individual.

Have there been any standout experiences during your studies?

The entire MBA experience at UC has been fantastic. Last year, I received first-in-class prizes for two courses, which boosted my confidence and helped alleviate my imposter syndrome. As for my future career plans, completing the MBA programme at UC has opened numerous opportunities for me due to its well-rounded curriculum.

You’re currently expecting a baby – congratulations! How do you see your studies continuing with a newborn?

I'm nearly finished with my studies, with just one elective course remaining once I finish my Consulting Project. I’m planning to complete the elective after the baby is born. UC’s programme is flexible and allows up to five years to finish the MBA, so I strategically tried to complete as much as possible before becoming pregnant. This gives me ample time to meet the programme requirements once the timing is right.

What words of advice would you give to others considering returning to study?

There’s really nothing to think about; pursuing further education is a revolving door of opportunity. You can always return to your previous path, but if you never try, you'll forever wonder, "What if?"

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