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Student story

Shun Miyake

20 July 2023

"Every year, you get out to the real world and get involved in some way..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Sport Coaching in Sports Leadership and Management with a minor in Human Resource Management

Shun left Japan in 2017 to attend high school in New Zealand at Christ’s College here in Christchurch and follow his rugby dream.  

He is now studying a Bachelor of Sport Coaching (BSPC) here at UC, majoring in Sports Leadership and minoring in Human Resource Management.  Shun explains his inspiration to take the BSPC as his way of "being involved with my passion for sports and creating opportunities for young generations through developing sports programmes".

Shun combines his studies with an impressive rugby career; in 2021 he was selected in the Crusaders under-20 team.  Rugby is a major part of his day-to-day life. 

"In a regular week I spend most mornings and evenings at training and during the day spend time on my studies, especially if some assignments are coming up."

As such, Shun finds the practical nature of his programme really rewarding. 

"Every year, you get out to the real world and get involved in some way depending on your major. I did a primary school placement in my first year, and coaching at Christ’s College rugby team for my second year. This gives you a clear idea of what to expect once you graduate uni and to prepare yourself for that. Meanwhile, these connections you make from uni papers are super important later on in your life as you might get to keep your internship for your job afterwards."

During his time at UC, Shun has also expanded his network of friends through other means. 

"Flatting is definitely one of the best experiences you get from uni life. This doesn’t necessarily mean everything is fun, you learn about how to live with other people with different lifestyles and characters!"

After he graduates, Shun has quite a clear plan for his career.

"The degree will prepare you to work in the broader areas of sport industry, but for me, I want to work with any organisation where their aim is to develop sport itself to be accessible for anyone, no matter their gender, age, or participation level."

Finally, Shun offers some great advice for students still at high school and not sure about which pathway to take at university. 

"Find out what you are passionate about –  it is not always easy to do, but start researching early on and look for the best degree with the major and minors to specialise in."

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