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Student story

Santanna Foo

20 July 2023

"The Law degree at UC is great as the lecturers are the authorities for their respective legal fields in NZ..."


Set on the idea of having a fresh start in a whole new country was exciting for Santanna, who is originally from Kuching, Malaysia. 

Santanna wanted a change, having lived in Malaysia since she was born.  She had never been to New Zealand but chose to come and study at University of Canterbury as she has a friend who studied here. 

“The Law degree at UC is great as the lecturers are the authorities for their respective legal fields in NZ,” she says. “Law degrees are a great choice as it provides a clear career path while being broad enough to diversify and break into adjacent fields.”

The vast array of clubs and societies at UC is one of the best things Santanna enjoyed during her studies. It created a sense of belonging and she felt welcomed by the community and gained a better understanding of the Kiwi culture.

Santanna also took part in several projects and was given a number of research and internship opportunities.

“I was a research assistant for one of my Law lecturers at UC. I was tasked with researching precedents on earthquake dispute resolution with an overseas focus to assist with a paper to improve earthquake response in Christchurch. It was an invaluable experience as it taught me practical legal research skills as well as how to track my time in terms of billable hours.

“I was also involved in the Start-up Challenge at UC and was one of the winners in 2021. This was an amazing experience as the bootcamp involved practical courses and information provided to aspiring entrepreneurs.”

Santanna gained her first role after graduating as a tax consultant in one of the ‘big four’ professional services firms around the world, Deloitte, in Christchurch.

She currently works at Holland Beckett Law in the North Island as their Corporate Finance Solicitor.

“I would not have been able to get my current role without my degree. Studying in NZ for the past 4 years has also given me a good background of Kiwi working culture.”

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