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Student story

Andrew Latta

20 July 2023

Ngāti Kahungunu Ki Wairarapa

"Living in a Hall of Residence is fantastic..."


(Ngāti Kahungunu Ki Wairarapa)

Studying towards a Bachelor of Laws, and a Bachelor of Science in Physics with a minor in Te Reo Māori


Why did you choose to pursue Science and Law degrees?

The broadness and generality allows me to expand my horizons. It allows me to pursue many of my interests, and come out with a great qualification. 

I would love to work in an area involved with people and management, and to use my degree to make a difference.

What was it about UC that persuaded you to enrol?

The extensive clubs and active Student’s Association, as well as the fantastic scientific facilities. I enjoy the vibrant campus and lively student body.

I took part in the MATH 199 STAR programme, and I was also awarded the UC Hiranga Scholarship, and the Horomata Scholarship for the Emerging Leaders’ Programme. 

I was also given the Te Ara a Kupe Beaton Scholarship through Crimson Education.

So what also made you choose to stay in campus accommodation?

Living in a Hall of Residence is fantastic; the socialising opportunities and catering options are unparalleled. 

The increased responsibility and individuality of being at uni is a challenge, and I wanted to use a Hall as a stepping stone between home and being fully self-sufficient.

What’s it like being at College House in particular?

The community, pastoral care, and relationship building have been paramount to my university experience thus far. The food has been exceptional, and a great foundation for my other endeavours.

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