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Student story

Nick Murphy

20 July 2023

Te Atiawa

"I’m getting the chance to work on exciting new opportunities on a constant basis..."


Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management and Information Systems

Advisory Consultant, EY, Wellington

Having landed an exciting role at international consultancy firm EY, Nick says that Information Systems is the perfect degree subject for finding a graduate job in any field.

"I really enjoy the subject – it is ever-changing and it can be used for anything from marketing to geology," he says. "After all, it"s unlikely that you'll get a job when you graduate that won't be using some sort of information system."

Nick wants to throw everything into his new career. "The role should give me a broad overview of what the industry can offer. I am always looking to be challenged and I plan to work as hard as I can for EY.

"I'm getting the chance to work on exciting new opportunities on a constant basis. I've travelled all around NZ over 10 months for one of NZ's largest companies, from Whangarei down to Invercargill. I'm currently collaborating with partners and area leaders from all around the world.

"I have a goal of living in the UK or Europe so I hope to secure a transfer or secondment to the London office. I've built connections with people from my office who are now working for EY overseas, and plan to use these connections and make the move."

For his undergraduate degree, Nick chose to study two majors, with Information systems partnering his initial choice of Human Resources Management.

"I realised that a double major would give me a point of difference in the job market. I soon saw that Info Systems was where my true passion and talent lay. The staff at the Info department are really easy to talk to and very friendly. The classes are a bit smaller than, say, for Marketing or Management, which makes the learning experience a lot easier."

Nick also recommends the undergraduate internships that are offered at UC's School of Business and Law for getting practical experience.

"I was placed in the University's own Project Management Office where I worked on a systems implementation project in the Health and Safety department. It gave me new on-the-job knowledge that you can't get from attending lectures. Plus it counted towards my Bachelor's degree."

Life at UC easily lived up to Nick's expectations of being a great experience, one he will miss. "I made the move down from New Plymouth and came to UC," he says. "I chose it because I really liked how everything was on one campus, and it was surrounded by beautiful trees and landscaping. I had also heard from a few friends that the social scene was jam-packed full of events and there would be something on nearly every weekend.

"A highlight for me has been being part of the largest social club, the Gentlemen's Club, where I was privileged to be elected as the President in my last year. It has been a blast and I've been part of some massive events."

Beyond campus, the city of Christchurch itself had been another plus. "I love running and Christchurch has some great tracks scattered around the place. I love coffee too, and I've been spoiled for choice when it comes to the cafés in the city. Then you have Queenstown, Wanaka, Kaikoura, Dunedin and the West Coast which are perfect for getting away at the weekends for something different."

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