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Student story

Megan Hodder

20 July 2023

"This has been the most valuable experience of my university journey..."


Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Human Resource Management

Following her passion for working with people and her father’s footsteps in recruitment, Megan’s UC degree is setting her towards a fulfilling career in leading organisations.

She chose to complete her bachelor’s in Economics and HRM, with the Human Resource Management teaching her about the science of people and performance.

Megan leapt at the opportunity to complete the MGMT 390 Intern Consulting Project in her final year for more real-world experience in HR. She was placed with Dynamic Controls, a multinational company specialising in technology that enhances the lives of people with disabilities.

"I got to work alongside some amazing people who made the experience one I will value forever," she says. "It was also interesting to see reflections of the university content I have learnt in the organisation, and was great to be able to apply this content."

Megan’s project was to help provide recommendations on a staff well-being programme, by researching potential programmes and activities, and interviewing staff and management. Megan also worked on a flexible working arrangement proposal as part of the well-being project, and at the end she presented her findings to the business.

"I felt extremely proud of myself once I had finished the project. It was also a great feeling to know that the work I had completed would hopefully benefit the employees of the business, by starting their business on the journey to improve their well-being."

The internship also gave Megan the opportunity to be a part of recruitment processes, including joining interview panels, to really get see day-to-day people and performance issues in an HR team, and what her future career may look like.

Having now graduated, Megan is equipped with confidence to navigate the business world and in self-managing a project ‘from beginning to end’.

"This has been the most valuable experience of my university journey, and has been a great complement to my degree," she says. "I have learnt lots about myself, what my strengths are, and what areas I can develop in, and has definitely made me excited to begin working."

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