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Student story

Madeleine Newton

20 July 2023

"You feel like you are really a part of the Uni..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Laws

Law and justice has been the inspiration behind Madeleine’s double degree studies, as she looks to make a career helping others understand criminal policies and international relations.

"I really strive to understand how the world around me functions, and how I can help it function,’ she says. "I want to work in international crime prevention, and international peace and justice relations. I want to help lessen the impacts of major socio-political issues in the global sense."

Part of her goals included moving away from her home town Auckland to broaden her horizons and get more of a world view for her studies, which meant enrolling at UC.

"The deciding factor for UC was the one-campus community that it has. The UCSA is unbeatable and UC really looks after its students. You feel like you are really a part of the Uni and not just someone attending lectures," she says.

"I enjoy the interaction with the content as well as being able to receive and learn the knowledge held by my professors. Specifically I enjoy the BCJ because UC is the only place that does it, meaning all the textbooks are written by my professors and they are top of the line in their fields."

Madeleine chose to begin her UC studies living at Kirkwood Avenue Hall to take advantage of the facilities and quick access to the Rec Centre and campus.

"Kirkwood especially appealed to me because of the community feel, cooking for myself, and accessibility of and to the University. It was relatively easy to settle in, as everyone is in the same position as you, and when you go to the hall events you get to know each other even more."

Her time at Kirkwood has introduced her to ‘some of the kindest people’ and Madeleine has very quickly made ‘incredible’ friends and met students with similar interests in law. As such, she encourages students new to UC to consider staying in a hall for their first year.

"It’s not as scary as you think it is, and it is some of the most fun you will ever have. You are constantly around people (there’s always someone to yarn to) but you can also close your door, go to hall tutorials, utilise the study spaces, and find advertised opportunities."

As a strong advocate for balancing studies with social and physical well-being, Madeleine also coaches and plays tennis, is a Girl Guides NZ leader, and is a member of 10 student clubs on campus. She is even starting her own UC club called RaqsSoc for students that play tennis, table tennis, badminton, and squash.

Taking on any social and academic opportunities that come along during studies is one of Madeleine’s key pieces of advice for other students.

"Make the most of uni, throw yourself into it, and then no matter where you go, you will thrive, succeed, and enjoy yourself."

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