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Student story

Henry Lane

20 July 2023

"Information Systems is an exciting and continually growing industry with multiple directions..."


Bachelor of Commerce with an endorsement in Information Systems

CEO & Founder, Corvecto Ltd

Executive Director, EPIC Innovation Ltd

Faculty, Singularity University

Board Member, The New Zealand Virtual & Augmented Reality Association

"Through each of my roles I'm fortunate to work on a day to day basis with some of the world's most influential and experienced executives, engaging with multi-billion dollar organisations and globally recognised brands," Henry says. "I seek to reinforce the international perception that New Zealand companies are capable of not only meeting but exceeding expectations when performing on the world stage."

As an owner and director of Christchurch-based technology hub EPIC Innovation, Henry and his business partners host a collective of over 20 technology businesses in the central city with over 300 full-time employees between them. The hub stands not only as a shelter for those displaced by the earthquake, but as a collaborative eco-system of innovation that encourages partnership and collaboration between tenants and the far-reaching network they're jointly connected to.

"Behind the scenes we've developed a global network of industry leaders, entrepreneurs and other international hubs who are excited to connect with New Zealand."

Henry has held a number of roles within New Zealand's video game development industry, including as a board member of the New Zealand Game Developers Association. His most prominent role at CerebralFix, one of the country's largest video game development studios, saw him liaise with some of Hollywood's biggest brands to create social and mobile games.

"My day to day role included seeking out new business whilst maintaining contact and building relationships with our existing business partners such as Disney, DreamWorks and Sony Pictures to name a few."

These experiences have led to running his own virtual and augmented reality-based company, Corvecto, which applies these technologies to enterprise customer requirements, from health safety and training, through to user research, analytics, and design.

His technological expertise has been recognised by TVNZ, as one of their go-to innovation and technology experts for national news. He is also one of New Zealand's seven faculty members at Singularity University (based out of NASA) which connects global innovators to solve challenges around the world using the latest emerging technologies.

Henry's Commerce degree has provided solid preparation for balancing and managing the barrage of requirements he's responsible for each day.

"My degree has helped to nurture and solidify my ability to commit to completing and executing the goals I set for myself, no matter how ridiculous they may look from afar," he says.

With a dual interest in "high-level computing and business', studying Information Systems was an empowering balance between technology and business management.

"Information Systems is an exciting and continually growing industry with multiple directions for potential career paths, especially right now here in Christchurch. The open-ended nature of the qualification exposed me to multiple different facets within various technology sectors, facilitating the opportunity for me to develop my own skills in a way that added meaningful value to the business partners I engage with."

While he had originally chosen UC for being close to home, Henry soon found the University to be a great place for the development of his skills.

"UC is well deserving of its great reputation for commerce studies, the lecturers are passionate and the learning environment is extremely capable of providing students with the tools they require for success."

Henry's career goal is working to help New Zealand maintain its current rate of growth as a key player in the global technology industry.

"I believe it's realistic that we can grow New Zealand into the Silicon Valley of the Southern Hemisphere," he says.

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