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Student story

Duc Doan

16 October 2023

Hailing from the vibrant Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam, Duc Doan embarked on his journey to the University of Canterbury (UC) in pursuit of knowledge and cultural enrichment.


Master of Business Information Systems

Hailing from the vibrant Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam, Duc Doan embarked on his journey to the University of Canterbury (UC) in pursuit of knowledge and cultural enrichment. Drawn by the exclusive offering of the Master of Business Information Systems (MBIS) programme in New Zealand, Duc decided to study here as it is an established University in the beautiful city of Christchurch with a long history of producing successful graduates. 

The programme's strengths lie in its global marketability, empowering students with skills applicable across a wide range of industries, opening the door to many exciting careers in business analysis, business intelligence, systems development, and project management. The programme also introduces hands-on practise through assignments and group projects, presentations, and more.

“These provide a solid foundation for further career development and help me communicate information effectively to a wide audience, whether in a public or organisational setting,” he says.

What truly sets UC apart for Duc is its kaleidoscope of cultures.

“The best thing about UC is that it has a rich and diverse culture where I can meet students and professors from different cultures and backgrounds. I have also had the pleasure of meeting many Kiwis who introduced me to New Zealand and its culture, especially the Māori culture, which I find unique and fascinating. The professors and faculty members also care about us and always try their best to help us reach our goals.”

For prospective students, Duc imparts this advice: “Everyone has different goals, strengths, and weaknesses. Identifying these aspects within yourself will provide valuable support and contribute to your long-term success. Additionally, for schoolwork, starting early and finding classmates who share similar study goals with you can greatly help with your study and with assignments. Many of them already have some work experience and they can share that knowledge with you.”

New Zealand, a land Duc initially knew little about, now holds a special place in his heart. Its history, culture, nature, and urban life beckoned him to explore every facet. The affordability of the Master's programme, especially in comparison to other countries such as USA, Canada, and Australia, solidified his choice.

Duc's study at UC has included immersive group projects that mirror the demands of the professional world.

“They are very intensive but they are closely match with what businesses and organisation looking for in graduate students,” he says. “I learn greatly from those projects. In my 3rd semester, which is the last semester, there will be an internship project course which I hope I can get.”

As of now, Duc is poised to bring his skills to the professional arena.

“The group works really help me strengthen my ‘soft’ skills such as presentation, collaboration, communication, conflict management, and many more; those skills are highly sought by employers.”

His journey from Vietnam to UC has not only enriched his academic acumen, but also made him a promising asset for future employers.

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