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Student story

Dylan Beardsley

20 July 2023

"I have the opportunity to work for and learn from some incredibly intelligent and talented people..."


Bachelor of Commerce in Finance

Investment and Financial Analyst, Brycharl Corporation Ltd

Project Manager, Spritely Ltd

Dylan’s career in the finance industry sees him analyse investment opportunities locally and internationally, and support the financing of new technologies to improve the lives of New Zealand’s elderly.

His goal to pursue studies and a career in Finance was a new discovery following his first year at UC.

“I always had an interest in business, but I chose to pursue Finance after one of my first-year lectures explained that ‘Numbers are rhetoric. They can be incredibly powerful and persuasive if you know how to use them’,” he says.

“It gave me a business vocabulary and understanding of critical concepts, but the biggest benefit was the exposure to some amazing lecturers that helped ignite a passion for the subject. I think that the lecturers (particularly in the Finance department) was the standout feature for me at UC. They were always helpful, friendly, and willing to go out of their way for me.”

Because of the widespread applications of Finance, Dylan advises other students to focus beyond the mathematical parts of the degree.

“What is most valuable is understanding the logic and the big picture,” he says. “Finance is really about weighing up options and trying to make good decisions, there is a lot more depth to it than just numbers on a page.”

This idea is what helped Dylan with his participation in the CFA Institute Research Challenge in 2015, where his team of UC students ranked 2nd in the national competition. Dylan also enjoyed being inspired by people in the industry through UC Investment Society events during studies.

Through study, he was also able to complete an intern consulting project course (FINC 390) in his final year of the BCom at a finance company, which gave him much needed “real-world experience” to continue on to his career.

Currently, Dylan works with Brycharl Corporation Ltd analysing public stocks in New Zealand, Australia, and the US. He also works with Spritely, an aged-care technology company, providing financial expertise and obtaining funding for new products for use in retirement villages. 

He also writes for the economics and investment newsletter Global, and completes project work with other companies in his spare time. 

“There is a lot of variety and I have the opportunity to work for and learn from some incredibly intelligent and talented people,” he says.

Dylan has also done presentations at UC to give other Finance students an insight to the finance and retirement care industries, and his career so far as an analyst.

“I am very fortunate in the fact that I really enjoy what I am doing and have the opportunity to grow within my role. I already have a high degree of autonomy. I want to keep upskilling and taking advantage of the great experiences I’m currently presented with.”

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