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Student story

Beini Guo

20 July 2023

"I enjoy exploring economics and finance related theories and applying them to daily experiences..."


Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance

Master of Applied Finance and Economics

Associate Director, PwC New Zealand

After gaining interest in studying at UC during high school through recommendations, Beini was excited to travel overseas from China with the help of the Berkeley Research Group Scholarship to begin foundation studies.

"The scholarship not only relieved the financial burden but also encouraged me to study harder and make full use of it," she says.

 Beini has had a love for business from a young age, so after completing her preparation courses, she did not hesitate to enrol in a Bachelor of Commerce.

"I enjoy exploring economics and finance-related theories and applying them to daily experiences. I have a huge interest in business and would like to work as an analyst in a bank."

Beini was keen to make the most of her time at UC, and so far her biggest highlight was going on an exchange for a semester to the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

"My exchange experience in Canada was awesome and I met heaps of friends from different countries. Having a taste of uni life in Vancouver and traveling around North America provided me with a deeper understanding of American cultures and life. Definitely highly recommended other students try it."

Beini hopes that other international students will also enjoy their time at UC, and is participating in the International Student Ambassadors programme. As a Student Ambassador, Beini aspires to promote UC to other potential students in China and to make sure they will enjoy their studies.

"UC has offered a lot of opportunities for me. I am trying to help UC more and contribute to UC's development. My initial objective is to help UC marketing and recruitment in China. I am happy to share my experience in UC with our future potential students. I hope to improve my public speaking skills and expand networking as a result."

After completing her undergraduate studies, Beini wanted to channel her abilities into postgraduate study with the Master of Applied Finance and Economics (MAFE), which also supported her then current role as an Analyst with the banking firm Murray & Co.

"My decision to study towards MAFE was due to the fact that I want to boost my CV and gain more technical skills before entering into professional work. MAFE, unlike other postgraduate programmes, focuses on building up practical skills which definitely will help me to adapt to the working environment easily," she says.

She later gained roles as Senior Analyst, Manager, and then Associate Director with PwC Auckland Corporate Finance, as testament to the development and experiences she has made through her work at Murray & Co as well as MAFE studies.

As such, Beini recommends international students make sure they devote their time at UC to things they will enjoy and to seek help when needed.

"Choose your major based on your interests, otherwise you may suffer from not enjoying study," she says. "I am happy to share my experience in UC with other people. If you need any help from me, I am always here."

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