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About the programme

06 December 2023

Kia Angitu is UC’s six-year student success programme focused on first-year students transitioning to tertiary study. We aim to reach parity in retention, achievement, and completion for under-served student populations. Learn more about the programme.


UC recognises under-represented students face barriers to participation and success in higher education. These barriers shape self-efficacy, academic perseverance and mastery of learning which impacts students’ success.

The programme comprises several initiatives designed to help students transition into their first year and make the most of their studies. These initiatives are guided by three key areas:

  • Creating pathways that foster equity
  • Ensuring all students are supported at critical transition points throughout their first year
  • Leveraging data and analytics to improve student success.
Kia Angitu Life Cycle This image shows the Kia Angitu initiatives underway at UC and the period in the student lifecycle in which they are focussed. As can be seen, the impact of Kia Angitu stretches from secondary school through to second year at UC, ensuring student transition in, and through the critical first year is supported in a coordinated and intentional way.

With a strong alignment to these areas, Kia Angitu creates a healthy, engaging and inclusive learning environment where all students are supported to develop and sustain the mindset required for academic success. Such a mindset motivates students to persevere, develop skills and attitudes, and ensures they gain the confidence to succeed.

The programme started in 2020 and each of the initiatives are at varying stages of development. By 2026 it is anticipated that each of these projects will be ready for transition to business as usual.

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