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09 September 2023

UC's Takere five-week academic and cultural live-in programme helps our first-year ākonga Māori and Pacific students develop skills and confidence to transition to university. Check if you are eligible for UC's Takere transition programme and get in touch if you have questions.


E kore e ngaro, he takere waka nui
We will never be lost; we are the hull of a great canoe


What does 'Takere' mean?

The programme name is taken from a whakataukī originating from the great tipuna, Kupe, who is acknowledged in Māori and Pacific narratives across Aotearoa and Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa, the Pacific Ocean.  Kupe is acknowledged as one of our early Pacific explorers who alongside his wife, Kuramārōtini, discovered Aotearoa. As experts in ocean way-finding and equipped with all the essential supplies stored in the hull of their vessel, Kupe and Kuramārōtini read the winds, stars and applied their wider environmental knowledge to make safe passage across the Pacific in search of a new land for future generations.


In line with this narrative of navigation and exploration, the ‘takere’ is the hull of a canoe.  With a strong, sturdy hull filled with the necessary resources needed for a voyage, a voyaging waka is equipped to traverse the ocean safely. Just as the hull of a waka holds important cargo for a long journey, the Takere programme ensures that first-year ākonga will collect the provisions needed for their own journeys of learning at UC in order to reach their final destination of academic achievement and success as young Māori and Pacific.  Takere aims to develop the skills and confidence Māori and Pacific students need to transition and navigate the university landscape, while strengthening their connection as a cohort.


What does Takere involve?

Takere involves a five-week academic and cultural live-in programme and experience staying in a hall of residence over the 2024 summer break with other Māori and Pacific ākonga. Additionally, ākonga will be expected to participate in a range of compulsory initiatives and activities throughout the academic year which are designed to enhance their pastoral, cultural and academic success.


The dates for the live-in summer academy are:

  • Sunday 7 January to Friday 9 February 2024


The UC Takere scholarship will provide you with: 
  • a fortnightly allowance (stipend) of $400 during the five-week live-in
  • free catered accommodation in a UC student hall of residence, over the 5-week summer academy to support your transition to university life*
  • opportunities to participate in ongoing social, cultural and academic activities through a series of compulsory workshops planned throughout the academic year
  • tailored academic support and guidance from Kaiurungi Māori and Kaiurungi Pacific (student advisors)
  • a 15-point 100-level UC course as part of the academy which could contribute to your chosen degree.  Depending on your eligibility, this course may be fees-free.
  • opportunities to engage, lead and support social and cultural activities.


We will also:
  • engage with your whānau regularly so they can support you whilst you are studying
  • provide you with Kaitaki (mentors) and Kaiāwhina (tutors) to assist you, as and when necessary, along the way
  • provide ongoing leadership development through the UC Paihere Māori Leadership or Pacific Mentoring programmes and other opportunities to engage in wider university activities.


* Subject to active participation and engagement within established Takere Tikanga and Kawa of the programme


Applicants must:
  • have whakapapa Māori and/or Pacific;*
  • be enrolled as a full-time, first-year, new to student at UC in 2024;
  • have the minimum expected academic requirements (NCEA Level 1 numeracy and Level 2 literacy credits) to ensure academic success at UC.


Recipients must be able to commit to:
  • attend the full five-week live-in programme (students will be required to stay in a UC student accommodation hall)**;
  • participating in compulsory workshops, tutorials, and other activities as part of the summer Takere Academy and a full-year scholarship programme;
  • attending all scheduled appointments with Kaiurungi (student advisors) and Kaitaki (mentors) regularly throughout the academic year***;
  • maintaining and/ or enhancing their academic performance to ensure successful completion of their studies (with guidance and support from UC, your whānau and peers)
  • engaging with UC Māori and the Pacific Development Team throughout your first year of study.


* Pacific student is defined on Page 15 of the UC Maramataka | Calendar.
** The five-week academy programme begins on Sunday 7 January and will finish on Friday 9 February 2024.
*** Confirmation of a tailored schedule of regular check-ins will be organised and confirmed with their Kaiurungi and Kaitaki as part of the Takere Academy programme.


Important Scholarship information
  • Applications are open via the UC Scholarships website from Monday 20 June 2022 and will close on Monday 15 August 2023.
  • Up to 50 Takere Scholarships are available annually.
  • Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will be shortlisted based on their online application.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be required to attend an interview with their whānau or support person, kanohi-ki-te-kanohi (in-person).
  • Successful applicants will be sent a letter of offer and will be matched with a Kaiurungi from UC Māori or the Pacific Development Team to support them with the UC enrolment process.


Contact us

For more information, please email us.

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