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Leaving a gift in your Will

19 July 2023

Leaving a gift in your will is a wonderful way to ensure UC's continued impact in our communities. Each donation, whatever the size, helps us fund endowments, scholarships, research, and more. Find out how to leave a gift to UC in your will and make a positive difference for generations to come.


Thanks to the continued generosity of our supporters, Tūmahana | The University of Canterbury Foundation funds endowments, scholarships, research, building improvements, and essential equipment to continue this success.

Leaving a gift in your Will is just one of the many ways you can support UC. Your legacy to Tūmahana | UC Foundation invests in the future of tomorrow's students, and every donation, whatever the size, will have a positive impact for years and generations to come.

We are immensely grateful for every gift we receive, whether it is a specific sum or a small percentage of whatever is left once you have thought about those close to you.

Our bequest promise to you:

  • We will always respect your privacy. You are not required to inform us of your decision to leave a gift in your Will to the UC Foundation, although we would love to have the opportunity to say thank you and to keep you informed in a way that is preferable to you.
  • We understand that those close to you come first.
  • If you remember the UC Foundation in your Will, we will use your gift carefully to achieve the greatest possible impact.
  • You can change your mind about a gift in your Will to the UC Foundation at any time.

Gifts left to the UC Foundation support the work of the University and can come in many sizes and forms. Legacies do not need to be vast sums of money, or large percentages of an estate, and are easy to set up. We are happy to provide wording for your solicitor and much of the work can be done online or in a short consultation with a lawyer.

Should you wish for your gift to be publicly acknowledged, one thousand dollars can provide a named prize or study grant for a year, seven thousand dollars can cover undergraduate fees for a year, and anything above twenty five thousand dollars can be endowed – meaning the fund can be inflation-proofed and remain forever, in perpetuity.

Gifts can be directed to anything you choose, but traditionally they support five key areas:

  • Student support services and scholarships
  • Research and teaching
  • Libraries and collections
  • Buildings and facilities
  • General purposes  

The Alumni & UC Foundation team can help you realise your vision for your gift and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas at any time under no obligation in a place and time that was convenient for you.

Upon informing us of your intention to leave a gift in your Will, you will be invited to become a member of the elite Partners in Excellence Programme, joining other like-minded supporters who have shown foresight in choosing to support the University in this very special way.

When you make a gift to the University of Canterbury Foundation, 100% of your donation goes directly to its intended purpose. The Foundation does not deduct any fees, so as a donor you can be confident that your generosity and foresight will be helping future generation of students and researchers, and will go straight to where it’s needed the most.

Many of our donors choose to leave a specific sum of money or a small share of their estate after friends and family and friends have been looked after. All gifts in Wills are greatly appreciated and are an essential factor for ensuring UC’s good work continues. Every gift makes a difference. 

Here are some examples of where bequests have made the biggest impact

It is extremely helpful for us to know if you have left a gift in your Will. This allows us to plan ahead and ensures we can acknowledge your generous support during your lifetime.

You may want to discuss your wishes with your immediate family. We strongly recommend you seek independent legal advice when writing or altering your Will.

If you already have a Will, the wording below will help your legal advisor prepare a codicil to reflect any changes you wish to make. The same wording can be incorporated into your bequest clause if you are writing a Will for the first time.

(Delete/alter as appropriate to your situation)“I give the University of Canterbury Foundation the sum of $.....(or a percentage, or the residue of my Estate, or a description of the property or asset given) for the general purposes of the University (or a stipulated purpose) and declare that the receipt of the University of Canterbury Foundation will be a full discharge to my trustee.”

NZ Registered Charity Number: CC27669. 

The University has established the University of Canterbury Foundation, a New Zealand registered charitable trust, as well as the University of Canterbury NZ Trust - UK, and the University of Canterbury Foundation in America Inc. 

The terms of these allow in-country tax benefits for UC's donors living abroad and ensure that the expressed wishes of donors are fulfilled. For further information on tax status, contact addresses and a list of trustees for each, please click here.

Footprint Online Wills

Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha | The University of Canterbury recognises the importance of Wills and all alumni, staff members and valued supporters of the University of Canterbury are eligible to get a 15% discount on your online Will.

Why get a Will?

If you pass away without a Will, New Zealand legislation dictates who gets how much of your estate. This could mean your assets might not end up with the people you intended.

With a Will:

  • You get to decide who gets what of your estate
  • Distributing your assets will be much quicker and cost less
  • You can assign a guardian for your children and pets
  • You can also state your funeral wishes

Footprint is a digital Kiwi company providing legally valid online Wills and estate administration solutions. They make writing a Will easy and affordable, and on average it only takes 16 minutes to complete. Their professional Will drafters check the details of your Will before sending it back to you in a matter of days.

If you already have a Will, Footprint offers a Bring Your Own (BYO) Will option. This provides you with a digital vault giving you 24/7 access to your Will and other important documents from anywhere in the world, as well as physical storage of your Will in a flood and earthquake-proof location. Each year you have the opportunity to update your Will to reflect your most recent life changes.

Get started and Receive Your Discount

As an alumnus, staff member or valued supporter of Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha | The University of Canterbury you get a 15% discount on your online Will. To get started follow the easy 4 step process:

  1. Select your product
  2. Answer a few questions to register your account
  3. Enter voucher code UNICANT at the payment screen
  4. Create your Will by following the prompts

Watch their short demo video to see how easy it is to get your Will sorted! 

Get your Will sorted today!

The UC Partners in Excellence Programme has been set up to honour the generosity of individuals and families who plan to leave gifts in their Will to the UC Foundation.

When you notify us that we have been remembered in your Will, you automatically become a Partners in Excellence member. This prestigious group of benefactors includes a growing number of like-minded alumni and friends of the university.

Members are kept informed of news and activities, and are invited to an exciting calendar of events throughout the year. Being a valued part of the programme means we can thank you in your lifetime and share our mutual passion for higher education. We will, of course, respect your wishes should you prefer to remain anonymous.

If you do decide to share your intentions of leaving a gift in your Will with us, we can work with you to understand more about your wishes. We will use your gift carefully and efficiently so that it has the greatest impact, and give you the opportunity to connect with our current work.

What can I leave to the University of Canterbury Foundation?
Many of our donors choose to leave a sum of money, however property, insurances, investments and other assets can also be gifted. If you would like to leave money, you have two choices – you can leave a specific sum of money, or you can leave a share of your estate.

The advantage of leaving a share of your estate is that the value of your bequest will not be eroded over time with the effects of inflation, which would be the case if you specify a sum. A dollar today may not be worth the same in ten years’ time. You can also choose to leave a residual gift – the balance of your estate once all specific bequests have been allocated.

I am thinking of leaving a scholarship to help a specific group of students. Is this possible?
Yes. You are welcome to identify the areas or purpose you would like to support. Current projects are likely to change in the future, and providing the UC Foundation with some flexibility means your gift will be used where the need is greatest.

However, if you do wish to choose a specific purpose we can discuss this with you to ensure we can identify a suitable fund or project, and can honour your wishes in the long term. In the case of endowment funds, we have specific wording you can use.

Do I need to draw up a new Will to include my gift?
No. A document called a codicil can be used to add a UC Foundation gift to an existing Will. A legal adviser will need to be consulted for this but it is inexpensive, quick and very easy to do.

Do I have to tell the University about my intentions?
This is at your discretion and we appreciate that making your Will is a very personal decision. We encourage you to notify us of your intentions so that we may express gratitude during your lifeline and include you as a member of our Partners in Excellence Programme.

This doesn’t mean you are obligated in any way to leave a gift, and we respect your freedom to change your mind at any time.

Get in touch

University of Canterbury Foundation
Email us
Phone: +64 3 369 3839 
Mail: Alumni & UC Foundation
          Private Bag 4800
          Christchurch 8140
          New Zealand

If you would prefer us to get in contact with you, please just complete and return our UCF reply slip which provides us with all the necessary information.

How your gift can help

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Bequest glossary

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Suggested wording for your Will

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Our promise to you

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