University Fleet Vehicle User Information



Terms and Conditions

  1. All vehicle users must be employed by, or enrolled as a student of, the University of Canterbury.
  2. All vehicle users must have a full current driver licence of the appropriate class for the vehicle being hired and this licence must be available for inspection. Only driver licences that are valid in New Zealand will be approved.
  3. All vehicle users must notify the Fleet booking office of any traffic related convictions which would prevent them from driving a University vehicle.
  4. Before using a University vehicle, consideration should be given to using a courier service for the delivery and pick up of goods.
  5. The type of vehicle used should be suitable for the work and conditions you are likely to encounter. Smaller vehicles are to be used for urban and shorter trips.
  6. Fleet pool vehicles are provided for the purpose of travel on University business only. Private use is not permitted unless approved in advance by the Executive Director, People, Culture and Campus.
  7. Fleet pool vehicles are available 24/7, once a booking is made the keys can be collected from the Security Office at 114 Ilam road, the driver must present their current valid driver’s licence and valid Canterbury Card when collecting the pool vehicle.
  8. No Driver shall consume any alcoholic liquor, non-prescription drugs, recreational drugs or intoxicating substances (in excess of legal limits) or do any unlawful thing while responsible for a University vehicle
  9. The use of prescription drugs prescribed by a New Zealand approved registered medical practitioner is acceptable so long as they do not impair the ability to drive within the law.
  10. vehicle user must not be driving a vehicle if suffering from fatigue or any condition which inhibits the ability to drive safely and within the law.
  11. The use of mobile devices while driving is illegal.
  12. In the event of a vehicle user not adhering to the above condition, the University’s insurance policy will exclude claims arising where a vehicle user is intoxicated, as defined by New Zealand law and, therefore, the insurance policy will not respond. In this case the Driver will be held personally liable for all costs incurred, and may subsequently be banned from using UC vehicles.
  13. Vehicle users must return University fleet vehicles in the same condition as when the vehicles were issued.
  14. Rubbish must be removed from the vehicle when it is returned to the University.
  15. Smoking and vaping in vehicles is strictly prohibited.
  16. Users of University vehicles (owned, leased, booked, or rented) are personally responsible for any traffic or parking infringements associated with the vehicle while in their charge.

 Roadside Assistance

  1. Within each Fleet Pool and College of Science vehicle there is a CardSmart fuel card and assistance folder. This contains the full details and instructions for 24 hour emergency breakdown and accident service.
  2. In the event of an accident, Drivers are required to notify UC Security. Details of how to do this are in the folder.

 Accident Management and Insurance

  1. In the event of a motor vehicle crash, the Driver (if able to do so) is required to:
  2. notify the Police if anyone is injured, as soon as possible and no later than 24 hours after the crash;
  3. obtain the name, vehicle registration, colour and make of any other vehicle involved regardless of fault;
  4. record details of what occurred (photos on smartphones are very useful), including a plan of the accident site; and
  5. Report the accident to the UC Security as soon as possible, including all information relating to the motor vehicle crash for insurance claim and incident reporting reasons
  6. All arrangements for the vehicle to be removed, if necessary, will be made by the UC Security.
  7. Do not admit or discuss liability with any other parties involved in the incident.
  8. Failure to stop or remain at the scene following a motor vehicle accident, may void the University’s insurance cover, covering motor vehicles. In the event a Driver leaves an accident without following this policy, and where the University’s Insurer declines to provide cover as a result of obligations not met by the Driver, costs may be recovered from the Driver.
  9. Staff or students using their own vehicles for official University use are not covered by the University’s motor vehicles insurance policy.

 Vehicle Use Restrictions

    1. Vehicle users must not allow a third party to drive a University fleet vehicle (except in an emergency) unless that person holds a valid driver’s license, and is authorised by the University to drive the vehicle.
    2. All University fleet vehicles owned or leased are required to display the current logo which must be permanently and prominently displayed on the exterior of the vehicle.
    3. Magnetic or removable signs are not permitted, and neither is sign-writing on a removable part (e.g., spare wheel cover) of a vehicle.
    4. Trailers and boats are also required to display the logo. Any additional signage required will be approved by the Fleet Booking Manager, and will be a directly charged to the College/School/Service Unit requiring it.
    5. Fleet Pool vehicles are stored in a central location in the Science Car Park on Science Road. All vehicles must be returned to this location.

 Fleet Booking

  1. When booking a fleet pool vehicle, an Oracle Code must be supplied before the vehicle booking process can be completed.
  2. Users of the fleet pool vehicles must use the online booking system to book a vehicle. The system can be accessed via
  3. Fleet pool vehicle bookings are charged at the prevailing University rates, as published from time to time. The rate charged will cover all expenses and costs to the vehicle including fuel and insurance, but excluding additional cleaning, which will only be levied if required.


 Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)

  1. The University vehicle fleet is subject to fringe benefit tax and the University is, therefore, required to meet its legal obligations as defined by the Inland Revenue Department’s Acts and Regulations (Inland Revenue Department website).
  2. Fringe benefit tax means no private use of University fleet vehicles will be allowed, except in special circumstances, which must be approved in advance by the Executive Director, People, Culture and Campus.
  3. Users of University vehicles are required to be fully aware of their tax obligations. These can be found in the Taxes Policy and Guidelines (PDF, 327KB).


Vehicle Acquisitions and Disposals

  1. Facilities Management are responsible for the purchase, and disposal of all University Fleet Vehicles.
  2. Where possible, all vehicles will be purchased via the all of Government approved scheme.
  3. Where a vehicle cannot be purchased under this scheme, approval from the Executive Director, People, Culture and Campus must be obtained before any such purchase can be made.
  4. The disposal of vehicles will be via a licensed motor vehicle trader approved by the University. 


Vehicle Registration, Service and Maintenance

  1. Registration of University Fleet vehicles is the responsibility of facilities Management, who will coordinate and pay for all maintenance required to ensure that vehicles are roadworthy, and meet relevant Warrant of Fitness standards.
  2. Registration, servicing, Warrant of Fitness, Certificate of Fitness and insurance requirements will be the responsibility of Facilities Management.
  3. Any tow-bars fitted must be certified and tested to meet all relevant New Zealand Standards, including SAE J684 (SAE International website)and NZS 5467:1993 (Standards New Zealand website).
  4. Any modifications to a vehicle must be approved in writing by the Fleet Vehicle Manager in advance of any work being carried out. Work must be carried out by the University’s authorised supplier only.



  1. Each University fleet vehicle is allocated two fuel cards (a GSB Fleet Card and a Mobil Card).
  2. The fleet/fuel card must only be used for fuel, oil purchases and car washes (if required) for the vehicle.
  3. Fuel may only be purchased using these cards at service stations where the University has negotiated discounts: Caltex, BP and Mobil. (Only in the event of an emergency, can other suppliers be used).
  4. The Mobil card ONLY may be used to purchase a car wash if the vehicle requires it after use.
  5. It is prohibited for Vehicle users to use the allocated fuel card for fuelling any vehicle other than the vehicle to which it is assigned.

Occupational Health and Safety

  1. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (New Zealand Legislation website)all University fleet vehicles are deemed to be a place of work; therefore, any act deemed to be unsafe or reckless will be reported as a Health and Safety incident to the relevant Senior Executive and to the University’s Health and Safety Department, who will investigate the matter.
  2. Vehicle Users who repeatedly engage in unsafe driving practises will be barred from using University fleet vehicles.

 Rental Vehicles

    1. In the event that a fleet pool vehicle is not available due to circumstances beyond the University’s control, every effort will be made to find a replacement vehicle from the hire fleet.
    2. All costs of the rental will be the responsibility of the hirer.
    3. If a vehicle is rented through the University’s preferred supplier, a P-Card should be used for re-fuelling.
    4. Rental car conditions may differ from this Policy. Drivers should ensure that they are clear about their obligations under the Rental contract.

Vehicle Costs

  1. All University fleet vehicle running costs including fuel, road user charges, insurance, servicing, maintenance and depreciation will be borne and managed by Facilities Management.
  2. The running costs will be recovered through the charge per kilometre rate or a daily charge.
  3. Where low use of a vehicle occurs, Facilities Management may relocate the Fleet Vehicle in order to improve utilisation and efficiency of use.


ProceduresChanges to any of the noted procedures to allow for the continued effective operation of the Universities vehicle fleet may be made by Facilities Management, with approval of the Executive Director, People, Culture and Campus, as required from time to time.