Justices of the Peace (JPs) on campus

A JP can witness signatures on documents, certify copies of documents (including email attachments and phone messages), take oaths, declarations, affidavits or affirmations, and can confirm identity. Justice of the Peace services are free. Please call to arrange an appointment unless drop-in sessions are indicated.  

TIPS: Do not sign anything beforehand. Take photo identification to your appointment. Remember to take the original as well as the copy to be certified. Check that a NZ Justice of the Peace can complete your documentation. More information is available on the Justice of the Peace website


Siale Faitotonu

Technical Officer
Geomechanics laboratory Technician
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E112A
Internal Phone: 92261

Karen Murphy

Ngāti Maru

Aotahi School Administrator
8.30-9.30am Monday-Friday
Te Ao Marama 143

Kun Zhao

Technical Services Manager
Systems and Electronics Technician
CAPE 101
Internal Phone: 90463

Gillian Smith

Student Accessibility Service Team Leader
Internal Phone: 91595

Suren Sivalingam

Senior Software Developer
Wheki 301
Internal Phone: 93255