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Rose Rehabilitation Clinics

16 November 2023

The evaluation and treatment clinics at the Rose Centre offer specific, effective, innovative diagnostic and rehabilitative procedures for swallowing disorders (dysphagia). Our treatment is driven by the latest research and physiological needs of our patients. Learn more about UC's Rose Rehabilitation Clinics.

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The rehabilitation clinics at the Rose Centre is an evaluation and treatment clinic that offers specific, effective and innovative diagnostic and rehabilitative procedures for swallowing disorders (dysphagia) that are driven by the latest research and physiologic needs of our patients.


I hadn’t spoken to my throat in all my 65-years

Our patients are central to guiding the research that we do.  While we help them recover function, they help us design new approaches, strategies and technologies for use with subsequent patients. 

So when our patients speak, we listen. We hope you will as well. 

The videos below are a testament to their strength and their faith in recovery and our commitment to the potential for rehabilitation.


An engineer by profession, Tony provides great insights about the use of biotechnology in rehabilitation at the Rose Centre.


Eric gave an inspiring speech about his experiences at the Rose Centre opening ceremony.

Our people

Lucy Greig, Clinical Director

Lucy Greig, MSc BSLT, graduated from the University of Canterbury in Speech and Language Therapy in 2000. She completed her Masters in Science (speech science) at The University of Auckland in 2011, examining the changes in word-retrieval in healthy older adults. Lucy has worked as a clinician in the field of dysphagia and acquired communication disorders across a variety of healthcare settings, including acute neurological and neurosurgical, inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient clinics and in the community. 

Dr Maggie-Lee Huckabee, Rose Centre Director

Maggie-Lee Huckabee, PhD practised for 13 years before the frustration of never knowing ‘the answers’ led her to an academic career. She is a Professor at University of Canterbury and the Director of the UC Rose Centre for Stroke Recovery and Research. She worked clinically for many years before pursuing a research career but remains invested in best practice for dysphagia diagnosis and rehabilitation through clinically focusesd research and clinical consultation with Ms Greig on Rose Centre patients.

Dr Phoebe Macrae, Rose Centre Deputy Director

Phoebe Macrae, PhD completed her doctorate under the supervision of Maggie-Lee Huckabee. She was awarded a two-year Neurological Foundation post-doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University, investigating motor learning in swallowing and continuing work in swallowing neurophysiology. Phoebe has returned to Christchurch to continue her research in dysphagia rehabilitation.

Fiona Bellett, Rose Centre Administrator

Fiona is the smiling face of the Rose Centre, greeting our patients, encouraging the staff and managing the administration and paperwork.  Previously, Fiona has worked as an administrator for the NZBRI and for law firms in the Christchurch region.

Centre staff
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