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Chat with a UC student

05 October 2023

UC's Unibuddy programme gives you the opportunity to communicate with current UC undergraduate students and get answers to questions about what it's like to study at UC, different study areas, and campus life. Chat with a UC student.


Chat Etiquette

  • Student Ambassadors are not admissions officers: 
    Please avoid asking students admission-related questions such as “Is my x score good enough to gain admission”, or “Can you please help me check through my application?”.
    Please direct questions about entry requirements and admission criteria to our Staff Ambassadors.
  • Avoid spamming: 
    Please avoid submitting the same question to multiple Student Ambassadors.
    Pose your question to a Student Ambassador that best fits the context of your question (the student could share a similar background to you, or be doing a qualification you are interested in). 
  • Personal recommendations are personal: 
    Our Student Ambassadors do not you know you personally, and are not best placed to make a personal recommendation for you or your situation.
  • Please do not ask our Student Ambassadors to share their personal contact details with you. This is against our policy.
  • Respect their time: Our students juggle a busy schedule. At times, they may need a longer time to respond to you, especially during exams, or term breaks. We appreciate your understanding.
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