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BSLA Enrolment - Frequently Asked Questions

30 May 2024

Check the list of common questions about enrolling for the Better Start Literacy Approach microcredential course at UC. 

Use the student portal myUC to enrol for the BSLA course at UC. Follow the steps here. Make sure you accept your Enrolment Agreement to complete the enrolment process.

To reset your password you can use the 'Forgot password' link on the myUC login page

If you can't remember the email address connected to your myUC account (or your UC username) call 0800 827 748 or email

Wait a couple of days for an email that confirms you can continue with your application. If you haven’t received the email by day 5 (and you’ve checked your spam filters) call 0800 827 748 or email with “Duplicate check” in the subject line and your details in the body of the email, including the full name you used in your application, your date of birth, and the email address you used for your myUC account.  

The course you select will depend on whether you are a facilitator, a teacher, or a teacher aide:

Facilitators - MCED601
Teachers - MCED602
Teacher aides - MCED101

Yes, you can choose to self-fund to attend the course if you do not have MOE funding. 

No. As this is a university-level course, everyone must apply themselves in myUC using their own account.  

We need to check your domestic student status and match you with the National Student Index and the NSI requires your identity documents to be verified. 

If we can't match you to the NSI, or your name in the NSI is different to what you have enrolled with, we will ask you to provide verified copies of your identity documents.  

MOE will not pay for your course if you aren't matched with the NSI. 

No, driver licences do not verify your citizenship so cannot be used as an identity document for enrolling at UC. You will need your school principal (or a JP) to sign, stamp, and verify a copy of your passport or birth certificate

If you have changed your name, you will also need your school principal (or a JP) to verify a copy of a document that shows both your old name and your new name - for example a marriage certificate

We need to match you in the National Student Index so the Ministry of Education can pay for you to attend the course.

If you have changed your name through marriage, we need to see a document (such as a marriage certificate) that has both your maiden name and your married name showing on the same document. Email a scan of a verified copy to

If you use your maiden name as your professional name and you are happy with your digital badge/academic results being awarded to this name, you do not need to provide a marriage certificate.  You will be enrolled under your maiden name.

You'll need to provide a verified copy of your marriage certificate (that your school principal has signed, stamped, and verified that they've seen the original). Email a scan of the verified copy to

If you've chosen the wrong course in your application and only realised after you submitted it, you cannot change it in myUC, but don't worry - we'll check you've selected the right course for your role and adjust it if required.

If you haven't submitted your application, you can 'resume your application' in myUC and make changes (eg select a different course).

Log in to myUC and click on the green 'Agreement Available' button and then the 'Accept / Decline Agreement' link. Follow the prompts, check the tickbox and click on the 'Accept Enrolment Agreement' to complete the process.

You can view a pdf of your Enrolment Agreement later in your Document Library in myUC. 

If the system does not allow you to accept your Enrolment Agreement you may need to provide proof of citizenship first. Send your verified documents to

If the 'Accept' button is missing when you try to accept your Enrolment Agreement, there will be a message telling you that we need to first verify your citizenship/residency status.  This means you will need to provide a verified copy of your identity document(s) to

Ask your school principal to sign and stamp a copy of your passport or birth certificate and verify that they have sighted the original. You may also need this done for a marriage certificate or name change document if you have changed your name.  

Once we have accepted your documentation you will be able to accept your Enrolment Agreement in myUC

You do not need to pay for the course if the Ministry of Education has approved you for funding.  Details of what this funding covers (and how to apply) are available on the MOE website


Teacher aides

Teacher aides are not funded by MOE so you will need to pay for the course yourself, unless your school has agreed to pay for you.  

If your school has agreed to pay, email with your student ID number, full name, and an appropriate school email address so an invoice can be sent. 

After you've accepted your Enrolment Agreement you will receive an email confirming that you are fully enrolled. You can also check your enrolment status in myUC in the 'Manage my study' section. 

You will need to withdraw your application in myUC and the person going in your place will need MOE approval for funding.  If approval is given by MOE, they will then need to create an account in myUC and apply for the BSLA Microcredentials programme by following the steps outlined in our enrolment guide

AKO | LEARN is where you will find all your course content. You will receive access to LEARN once you're fully enrolled and have set up your IT account (following the instructions sent by email to the address you provided when you first set up your myUC account). 

You will be given access to LEARN (for course content) once you are fully enrolled and you have set up your UC IT account.  You will receive an email (to the email address you used to set up your myUC account) with details on how to do this - check your spam folder if you think you should have received it. Contact the IT Service Desk if you have problems setting up your IT account or accessing LEARN.  

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