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How to enrol in a BSLA course

17 May 2024

How to enrol in a Better Start Literacy Approach microcredentials course as a Facilitator, Teacher, or Teacher Aide.


Prepare your identity documents

Ask your Principal or a local JP to sign and stamp a copy of the photo page of your passport or your birth certificate and confirm in writing that they have sighted the original. 

Tip: if you have had a change of name (for example through marriage), you will also need this done for a document that shows both your original name and your current name (eg a marriage certificate). 

More information here


Log in to myUC

Create an account in myUC using your school email address. 

Tip: don’t use the ‘Connect with Facebook’ or ‘Connect with Google’ options - this will cause problems later on!

If you already have a myUC account, you can log in using your myUC login details.

Call 0800 827 748 if you have any problems logging in.  


Complete an application in myUC

Tip: you'll find this process much easier on a computer than your phone. 

Start a new application under My Applications in myUC and select the Microcredentials box and the relevant year. Fill in all the required fields and upload all necessary documents:


Identification details
Upload a scan of your verified identity documents (eg passport or birth certificate) – see step 1 above. 

If you have had a change of name (for example through marriage), you will also need to provide a verified copy of a change of name document (eg a marriage certificate). 


University Entrance
Provide information about your secondary/high school education. (MOE requires this information is collected for ALL tertiary students in NZ).


Qualification selection
Select ‘Better Start Literacy Approach’ from the drop-down menu.


Better Start Literacy Approach details
Select your role (facilitator, teacher, or teacher aide) and provide the names of the people and school(s) you work with.


Applicant Declaration
Read the declaration and check the tick box to agree to the terms. Agree to the additional micro-credentials consent information. Note that the survey is optional.


Additional details
Provide your permanent address, emergency contact details, ethnicity, learning needs, and the level of study you have already completed. (MOE requires this information is collected for ALL tertiary students in NZ).


Course selection
Search for all ‘MCED’ courses and add the appropriate course by clicking on the ‘+’ icon. You will see there is a Facilitator course (MCED601), a Teacher course (MCED602), and a Teacher Aide course (MCED101) - select the one that matches your role.


Save and complete your application to submit it. 

Note: You can save and resume your application if you want to do it in stages - just remember to submit it when you've finished or it won't be processed.


Confirm your enrolment in myUC

Once your application has been processed, you will receive notification to your school email address that you have an Enrolment Agreement to accept. Log in to myUC to accept your Enrolment Agreement and confirm your enrolment. 


Note: if you do not accept your Enrolment Agreement, your enrolment is not confirmed and you will not receive access to course content online.

Note: if you do not have MOE funding you will need to arrange payment of fees. See how to pay your fees

BSLA Enrolment Guide

A step-by-step guide to enrolling for BSLA microcredential courses at UC. Includes screenshots of key steps.
Download (application/pdf, 269 KB)

Check for the answer on our BSLA Enrolment Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us.

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