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Borrowing high demand items

20 November 2023

High demand collections contain high-use course material like textbooks. You can find them at the information desks in the Central and EPS Libraries. From finding high demand material to daily and hourly loans, learn more about borrowing high demand items.


High demand collections contain high-use course material e.g. textbooks.  They are located by the information desks in the Central and EPS Libraries.

Finding high demand material

High demand material can be found on the library catalogue or Multisearch by entering your course code into the search field. Where possible, journal articles and other electronic material will be provided via LEARN course pages.

Daily and hourly loans


Material is placed on either 3 day, 1 day, 3 hour, or occasionally 1 hour loan, when usage increases and when the item is requested by many other borrowers.

Daily and hourly loans are in heavy demand and will incur heavy fines if they are returned late. Fines will apply almost as soon as the item is overdue – there is no grace period on daily loans and only 15 minutes on hourly loans. See the Fines and payments page for more information about borrowing and fines.

Please return high demand items to the library you borrowed them from.


Using hourly loans

  • Hourly loans are not requestable.
  • Check the library catalogue for return time details.
  • 3 hour loans may be taken out overnight if issued within 3 hours of the library’s closing time. They will be due back 1 hour after the library next opens.
  • Please issue any hourly loans you are using (quotas apply) on self service machines if you wish to remove them from the shelves.  Once issued, items may be taken out of the library.


Using daily loans


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