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Neuroscience and Cognition

06 October 2023

Studying Neuroscience and Cognition at UC you learn about the interplay between brain function and psychological processes. You'll learn how we think, feel, perceive, remember, and behave. Learn more.



Neuroscience and Cognition


Neuroscience and Cognition is the interplay between how our brain functions and our psychological processes - understanding how we think, feel, perceive, remember, and behave.

We can study our brains to understand many interconnected things, including our experiences and personalities, neurological conditions, ageing, and recovering after brain injuries.

Neuroscience and Cognition

What will my study involve?

  • Investigate the brain, its structure, and function, to see how we become the way we are and behave the way we do, and why this changes over time.
  • Practical components include an introduction to visualising, analysing, and interpreting brain imaging data, neuroscience techniques, and lab work.

Neuroscience and Cognition

Career opportunities

With the brain at the centre of everything we do, your studies can lead to a wide range of career pathways which need your understanding to help prevent, treat, or predict future outcomes - from developing new health services, to analysing emerging technologies, to statistical trends in psychological risks, and much more.

Career pathways could include:

  • behavioural counselling
  • healthcare
  • clinical research
  • neuroscience research.

Find out more about what you can do with a degree from UC.

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