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UC Science videos on student stories

30 August 2023

Whether you're wondering whether it's like to study medical physics or biochemistry with us, check out our UC Science videos on student stories.

Karla - Medical Physics

Karla explains what medical physics is and how it has a direct impact on people's lives.

Melissa - the power of communication

Find out about the vast range of people you can help and work with through learning Speech and Language Therapy at UC.

Aisling - The Science of Conservation

Aisling co-develops research with Ngāi Tūāhuriri to protect the future.

Siddarth - PhD Biochemistry

Siddarth talks about studying for a PhD in Biochemistry researching cardiovascular disease.

Applying geography in the real world

Ashley explains how studying towards the Bachelor of Science in Geography at the University of Canterbury gives her the chance to apply what she learns in the classroom in the real world.

Charlie - Geospatial Science

Charlie is studying how our environment and human geography co-exist.

Luke - VXT voicemail to text creator

Luke talks about creating the VXT app and how his team was accepted for the UCE summer start-up to create the business.

Melissa - Building better networks

Melissa helps bring together the UC Speech and Language Therapy and Audiology community through events like quiz nights, BBQs, and movies.

Fostering diversity in science

Grace explains how her bicultural background, coupled with studying Māori and Indigenous Studies alongside her BSc, provides a unique perspective.

Solving the world’s problems with biochemistry

BSc student Caleb talks flexible learning, state-of-the-art facilities and world-class teaching at UC, and how he plans to put his biochemistry knowledge to use.

Making a difference with speech and hearing

Speech Therapy student Anna talks about how UC is helping her make a difference to speech and hearing patients.

Applying scientific knowledge

Geology student Taylor discusses the practical work UC Science offers.

Becoming an environmental leader

Law and Biology student Morgan aims to work in Environmental Law. See how combining two degrees is helping her reach her goal.

Growing as a science intern

Science intern Liam is working with a foreign exchange software company.

Seeing what's out there

Mahali Matahe describes the unique opportunities studying science at the University of Canterbury provides.

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