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Science subjects videos

30 August 2023

From Astronomy to Financial Engineering, watch our UC Science subject videos to see what you'd like to study.


What is Astronomy is all about? Why is it important? What makes UC's programme so special? Watch and learn.


Biochemistry is providing critical advances in medicine, agriculture and understanding the world we live in.

Biological sciences

Biology is the study of living things, from molecules and cells to organisms, populations, and entire ecosystems.


Chemistry is the central science. It deals with the composition, structure, and behaviour of the atoms and molecules that make up all forms of matter.

Computer Science

Want to find solutions to new problems? Computer science has the answers.

Environmental science

Want to make the world a better place? Environmental Science is a great place to start.

Financial Engineering

Solving financial problems can be complex so we use other tools. Watch and find out more.


Geography looks at the relationships between people and places, pulling together various types of knowledge to find innovative solutions to problems faced by society.


Geology is about understanding our planet so that we can benefit human society and sustain the environment that supports us.


Psychology is the scientific study of behaviour and associated biological, cognitive, and social processes.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech–language therapists are professionals educated in the study of human communication, how it develops and the many differences and difficulties that children and adults experience.


Dealing with uncertainty is what statistics is all about. Learn more here. 

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