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UC Science career videos

30 August 2023

If you're wondering what your career options might be once you graduate from UC, watch the UC Science career videos to see other graduates are doing.

Jacinta Cording

Jacinta Cording is a senior lecturer in Forensic Psychology, whose research focuses on rehabilitation, working to reduce the harm caused by crime in New Zealand.

Daniel Stack

Daniel Stack is pursuing his passion of making workplaces better places to be, working as H&S, Wellbeing, Marketing and Proposals co-ordinator at Cosgroves Ltd.

James Williams

James is an avid data scientist and software engineer, developing bespoke data-driven software for companies around the world.

Olivia Ogilvie

A research fellow in the Biomolecular Interaction Centre, Olivia's research spans coeliac disease, gluten, allergies, food protein structure and cultivated meat.

Peter Taylor

Peter’s passion for the Antarctica was fuelled by his experiences as a UC Master’s student. Now Peter is the Environmental Manager for Antarctica New Zealand.

Luke Campbell

Entrepreneurship has been the name of the game since Luke first started at UC. During his undergrad he co-founded Vxt, a digital communication platform with help from UCE.

Amy Whitehead

As a quantitative freshwater ecologist at NIWA, Amy’s asking tough questions as she tries to solve challenging environmental problems.

Hannah Prebble

Hannah Prebble is a scientist at MARS Bioimaging Ltd – an award-winning manufacturer of innovative medical research technology.

Matt Vannoort

As a chemistry teacher, Matt Vannoort has been able to fulfill his passions for education and science in his career.

Logan Williams

Entrepreneurial scientist Logan Williams is applying the knowledge he gained from his BSc to solve real-world problems.

Sophie Bainbridge

UC Science graduate Sophie Bainbridge is now an Engineering Geologist, helping to create a more resilient future for New Zealand.

Sylvia Maclaren

BSc graduate Sylvia Maclaren is the Programme Manager for the Flood Protection and Stormwater team at Christchurch City Council.

Anna Farquhar

PhD graduate Anna Farquhar is a Senior Scientist at Aeroqual, an Auckland-based leader in air quality monitoring.

Teaching, Medical Physics and Ecology

Science graduates go on to all sorts of careers. In this short video, hear three UC alumni talk about their time at UC and where it has taken them.

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