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Student story

Euan Widjaja

20 July 2023

"Studying how to code is very much like learning a new language…"


Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Software Engineering

Graduate Engineer, XERO

Euan has his interests rooted both in coding and film, and aspires to be in the film industry in the future. 

Originally from Indonesia, Euan chose to study at UC as an awardee of the UC College of Engineering Scholarship, and chose to pursue Software Engineering as a newfound interest.

"Studying how to code is very much like learning a new language, albeit more technical. Figuring out the patterns and fluencies of a code opens up an entirely different prospect of the world to me. While it may not be my passion, it is a subject that has peaked my curiosity and does pay well," he says.

Euan was also able to cultivate his passion for film studies whilst undertaking his Engineering degree, and plans to combine the two areas in his future study. 

"I was able to take CINE 201 – a course in Hollywood and Genre from the School of Humanities and Creative Arts – and it was, without a doubt, an absolute highlight of the year! I am hoping to be able to eventually minor in Cinema Studies. I know it seems a bit far-fetched, but I do hope it is possible for me to do so."

Outside the walls of the classroom, Euan is an active member of both UC’s Engineering and Film Club societies. The people of New Zealand and the student community at UC is definitely his biggest highlight from his time here so far.

"Meeting people from all over New Zealand has probably been the best experience in UC,’ he says. ‘I firmly believe that New Zealand is an admirably diverse nation. In the years I have spent here and in UC, my experience with discrimination has been at the utmost minimum. Despite their knowledge of me being an international student, I have never been treated as the other, and such treatment is absolutely essential when settling in an entirely new city or country."

When asked why he chose to pursue his study in New Zealand, he says that he has more opportunities for growth in his academic and career ambitions in this new environment.

"I have always admired New Zealand. The people are friendly and accepting, bold in pursuing their endeavours provided to them, by themselves. It is this particular distinction that has cemented my love for this country and its lovely people."

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