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Our success - IP and commercialisation

14 October 2023

From spinouts formed from University of Canterbury research and intellectual property or companies licensing our IP, UC is creating global impact through commercialisation.

Motim Technologies

Motim Technologies was spun out from HITlabNZ in 2007. Motim Technologies offered mobile marketing solutions to brands such as Ford, Nike and Coca-Cola.

Canterbury Seismic Instruments

Canterbury Seismic Instruments offers seismic and structural monitoring systems. CSI’s instruments are used in the GeoNet earthquake network.

Syft Technologies

Syft Technologies is a maker of gas analysis instruments, with applications including farming, pharma, environmental monitoring and semiconductor manufacturing.


Veritide offers products for the real-time detection of foodborne microorganisms. A key application is the detection of contamination in meat plants.

MARS Bioimaging

MARS Bioimaging offers the first commercially available 3D spectral (multi-energy) scanner to produce in vivo images with anatomic and molecular quantification.


ArcActive are commercialising a carbon fibre fabric offering higher dynamic charge acceptance for electric vehicle batteries.

PTL Structural Consultants

PTL is a team of highly trained timber engineers specialising in the design and construction of buildings and bridges. PTL was formed to commercialise post tensioning timber technology developed at UC.

Invert Robotics

Invert Robotics offers a robotic inspection platform that can climb any stainless steel surface. The robot uses advanced sensors and high definition cameras for immediate analysis.


World-leading Augmented Reality specialists with cutting edge colour technology, provide high quality engaging experiences for all ages for some of the world's most recognisable brands.


Decarbonizing zinc recycling

Zinc is the 4th most consumed metal. Prof. Aaron Marshall's lab developed technology to extract zinc from toxic acid waste, a byproduct of industrial galvanizing, allowing for the valuable material to be reused. 

Zincovery was founded to commercialise and scale up the technology. 

Precision Chroma

Streamlining production of life saving biological pharmaceuticals

Life-changing biopharmaceuticals for gene therapy and vaccines are expensive and complex to produce. Prof. Conan Fee's lab developed 3D printed chromatography columns, enabling a new method of chromatography for efficient and cost-effective purification for these biological therapeutics. 

Precision Chroma was formed to commercialise the technology in partnership with Callaghan Technology Incubator Bridgewest Ventures. 

Swallowing Technologies

Innovative technologies for effective rehabilitation of swallowing impairment

For individuals with swallowing impairment, simply drinking a glass of water is a challenge, if not a life-threatening task. The lab of Dist. Prof. Maggie-Lee Huckabee at the University of Canterbury Rose Centre for Stroke Recovery and Research, have developed biofeedback protocols and technology to faciliate swallowing rehabilitiation.

Swallowing Technologies was founded to translate the technology into clinical care. 

Firms licensing University of Canterbury intellectual property

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman has licensed a fibre-optic rotation sensor unit for the detection of loads or damages of a mechanical structure.

Triton Hearing

Triton Hearing has licensed the Digit Triplet Test, a screening test for hearing loss.

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