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02 January 2024

From principal investigators to UC Faculty, PhD Students and Postdoctoral Researchers, and External Affiliates, meet our UCMeta members.

Principal Investigators
  • Bob Reed (Professor, Economics: Replications and meta-analyses in economics, other meta-research areas)
  • Tom Coupe (Associate Professor, Economics: Replications and meta-analyses in economics, other meta-research areas)


UC Faculty
  • Andrea Menclova (Associate Professor, Economics: Editor-in-chief of SURE, a journal dedicated to publishing "unsurprising"/null results, and replications in economics)
  • Andy Cockburn (Professor, Computer Science & Software Engineering: Replication in computer science and software engineering)
  • Andy Vonasch (Senior Lecturer, Psychology: Replication in psychology)
  • Angus Macfarlane (Professor of Maori Research: Application of Kaupapa Maori (Maori Philosophy) to research methodology
  • Arindam Basu (Associate Professor, Health Sciences: Methodological issues in meta-analyses, reproducibility, development of tools, Thematic areas -- environmental and occupational health and epidemiology, health services research)
  • Brad Miles (Lecturer, Health Sciences: Replication and meta-analyses in health sciences)
  • Brian Haig (Professor Emeritus, Psychology: Meta-research and philosophy of science)
  • Jacinta Cording (Lecturer, Psychology, Replication and meta-analyses in forensic psychology)
  • Jamie Collins (Professor, Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Meta-analyses in entrepreneurship)
  • Jedrzej Bialkowski (Professor, Finance: Replication and meta-analyses in finance)
  • Joana Kuntz (Associate Professor, Psychology: Meta-analyses in workplace-related health)
  • Julia Rucklidge (Professor, Psychology: Accuracy of trial reporting and clinical trial registration, replication)
  • Kuntal Das (Senior Lecturer, Finance: Replication and meta-analyses in finance and economics)
  • Marco Reale (Associate Professor, Mathematics & Statistics: Statistical methodology in meta-research)
  • Mesbahuddin Chowdhury (Senior Lecturer, Management: Meta-science in Resilience and Supply chain management)
  • Nadeera Ranabahu (Lecturer, Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Meta-analyses in entrepreneurship)
  • Natalia Chaban (Professor, Media and Communication: Replication and meta-analyses in European studies)
  • Onur Koska (Senior Lecturer, Economics: Replication and meta-analyses in economics)
  • Qingqing Bi (Lecturer, Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Meta-analyses in entrepreneurship)
  • Simon Kemp (Professor, Psychology: Replication, (Un)reliability of assessment and evaluation and its consequences)
  • Steve Ratuva (Professor, Anthropology and Sociology, Director of the Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies: Meta-analysis and replication in Pasifika research)


UC PhD Students and Postdoctoral Researchers
  • Alex Tian (PhD student, Economics: Replication and ex-post power calculation in economics)
  • Diem Vo (PhD student, Economics: Replication in development economics)
  • Jane Duan (Postdoc, Economics, Replication in international trade)
  • Sanghyun Hong (Postdoc, Finance: Replication and meta-analysis in finance)
  • Usman Afzali (PhD student, Psychology: Replication and meta-analyses in forensic psychology)
  • Weilun Wu (PhD student, Economics: Replication and meta-analysis in health economics)
  • Yanxia Yu (PhD student, Economics: Replication and meta-analyses in environmental economics)


External Affiliates
  • Richard Ball (Professor, Haverford College, USA: Director of Project TIER, dedicated to teaching integrity in empirical research)
  • Annette Brown (Principal Economist, FHI 360, USA: Founding director of 3ie’s replication programme and editorial board member of SCORE)
  • Karen Conway (Professor, Economics, University of New Hampshire, USA: Editorial board member of SURE journal)
  • Gilad Feldman (Asst. Professor, Psychology, Hong Kong University: Replication researcher and open science advocate in psychology )
  • Fiona Fidler (Professor, University of Melbourne, Australia: Leader of the Interdisciplinary Meta-Research Group at the University of Melbourne)
  • John Gibson (Professor, Economics, Waikato University: Editorial board member of SURE journal)
  • Martina Grunow (Lecturer, University of Augsburg, Germany: Editor of the International Journal for the Re-Views of Empirical Economics, the only journal in economics dedicated to publishing replications)
  • Tomas Havranek (Professor, Economics, Charles University, Czech Republic: Meta-analysis researcher and co-editor in charge of meta-analyses at the Journal of Economic Surveys)
  • Norbert Hirschauer (Professor, Institute of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany: Researcher in the theory of statistical inference in replication and meta-analyses)
  • Dorian Owen (Professor, Economics, Otago University: Statistical misspecification in meta-research)
  • Thomas Pfeiffer (Professor in Computational Biology/Biochemistry, Massey University: Prediction markets in reproducibility)
  • Steven Stillman (Professor, Economics, Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Italy: Editorial board member of SURE journal)
  • Marcel van Assen (Professor, Tilburg University, The Netherlands: Meta-Research Center)
  • Simine Vazire (Professor, Psychology, University of Melbourne, Australia: Leading open science proponent in psychology; Board member of BITSS and PLOS)
  • Benjamin Wood (Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning, Heifer International, USA: Meta-research researcher and former lead of 3ie’s replication program)
  • Xindong Xue (Professor, School of Public Administration, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, China: Meta-analysis researcher)
  • Christian Zimmermann (Assistant Vice President, Economic Research, Federal Reserve Bank-St. Louis, USA: Proponent of replications in economics and researcher in meta-research)
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