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Selected current projects

02 January 2024

Check out UCMeta's selected current projects.

  1. Arin Basu and Joana Kuntz: “A Meta-analysis on workplace based interventions for psychosocial benefits for employees”
  2. Claire Bi: “Digital Technology and Firm Performance”
  3. Jacinta Cording and Sarah Telfar: “Do therapeutic courts reduce reoffending? A meta-analysis”
  4. Tom Coupe and Mitchell Tier: “Do Robots destroy Employment? A Meta-Analysis”
  5. Jane Duan and Kuntal Das: “Globalisation and Inflation: A Meta-Analysis”
  6. Sanghyun Hong and Bell Shi: “A meta-analysis on research into the liquidity-adjusted CAPM model”


Selected Current Projects: External Grants

Project: “An Enriched Dataset of Social-Behavioral Papers, Claims, Replications, and Reproductions”
Amount: $148,500 (USD)
Funding Organization: Center for Open Science, USA
Time Period: February 2021-January 2022.

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