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Fees and charges

16 September 2023

To receive subsidised medical care through the UC Health Centre you must be registered with us. Check our fees and charges.


Consultation Fees

To receive heavily subsidised medical care through the UC Health Centre you must be registered with us. Being an enrolled UC student does not automatically qualify you, even if you have paid your student services levy.

It helps to have a community services card (WINZ) to reduce any medical or prescription fees.

Click on this link for an information sheet to assist with a community services card application CSC application Info sheet

A statement fee of $5.00 will be added to all accounts that are not paid during the month that the fee was incurred.


Enrolled with the UC Health Centre

  • Students: Free with a Community Services Card or $15.00 per consultation without.
  • Non-student and UC Employees: $19.50 (reduced by $15.00 for current Union Members for UC employees)
  • Please note that casual fees apply until we receive the Ministry of Health funding for your enrolment (usually received the month following enrolment)
  • International students $75.00 - we can bulk bill this to your StudentSafe insurer when covered by your insurance 


Domestic student not enrolled with the UC Health Centre (casual patient)

Please note that if you are not enrolled at the Health Centre, you will more than likely be referred back to your own GP or to Riccarton Clinic if your GP is outside of Christchurch. The fees listed below are advised as an FYI, not as an indication that you will be seen. 

  • Students: $40 
  • Students with a Community Service Card: $25
  • Non-student (e.g. UC employee, visitors to campus) $60 with a Community Services card or $75 without

Staff also pay for all additional medical services arising from consultations including blood tests. You are welcome to attend the Southern Community Laboratory collection centre at 3B Waimairi Road, Upper Riccarton if you do not wish to pay for the blood test at the Health Centre.

We charge for minor surgery, travel consultations and medical examinations, and depending on your illness, you may also be charged for extra consultations that involve tests such as those for hearing, ECG's, spirometry etc. Please speak with one of our team for more information.

A detailed list of charges is available at reception and is on display in the waiting room.

We accept payment, where owed, by cash, EFTPOS, Credit Card. Unpaid accounts are transferred to your general UC account. You are also welcome to pay your account online- please contact the Reception team for details.


UC International Students

International Students are not required to pre-register. Please read your insurance policy carefully to check whether your condition is covered prior to seeing us.  If you are insured under the StudentSafe policy, the cost of your appointment, where it meets the policy criteria, can be billed directly to your insurance company. If you have chosen an alternative insurer, you will be required to pay up front at the UC Health Centre and claim the costs back through your insurance company directly. Check with the practice manager if you are unsure. You may attend medical or dental practices off-campus however you will incur the charges for that visit which you will then need to also claim back.

We have a StudentSafe direct billing checklist available that outlines medical conditions that we are uanble to direct bill for - please ask for a copy of this list. Most importantly, please note that appointments for administration type of appointments i.e. requests for special considerations, insurance medical reports/consultation notes and pre-approval requests are not covered by your Student Safe insurance policy. The student is required to pay the consultation fee directly to the Health Centre.  

  • GP consultation $75.00
  • Nurse Consultation $40.00
  • ACC Surcharge - GP or Nurse $40.00
  • Counselling Consultation $90.00
  • Clinical Psychologist consultation $120.00
  • All vaccinations, including the influenza vaccination, incur an additional fee


Brief Intervention Counselling Services

Brief Intervention Counselling services are for available free of charge to all UC students unless a 3rd party is paying (i.e. an Insurance Company)

We are unable to offer brief intervention Counselling for UC employees, please refer to the UC employee assistance programme (staff only) or speak with your Manager.


Did Not Attend (DNA) fee

A Did Not Attend (DNA) fee applies to all consultations (medical and counselling) where the patient does not arrive for their booked appointment and has not contacted the Health Centre to cancel.

TXT message reminders are sent to patients the afternoon prior to scheduled appointments. We are unable to send TXT reminders for appointments booked earlier on the same day.


ACC consultations

Students enrolled and funded at the Health Centre, and have a current Community Services Card, are eligible for free ACC consultations. A fee of $15.00 applies for Students enrolled and funded at the Health Centre without a Community Services Card.  A surcharge ranging between $19.50-$40.00  applies for students enrolled elsewhere and UC staff/visitors.


Counselling charges

All Canterbury University students who have paid the Student Services Levy are eligible for counselling services at UC Health Centre. Counselling charges only apply where a third party is paying (i.e. WINZ or an insurance company).

Counselling appointments can be cancelled / changed up to 24 hours before your appointment. Please phone the Health Centre Reception team on 03 369 4444 to cancel/reschedule. Please do not contact your Counsellor directly when cancelling / changing booked appointments. A late cancellation fee of $10.00 will be incurred if you don't cancel your appointment within the time frame. This must be paid before your next appointment.

We are a student only service and we need to ensure that all available appointment slots are filled by students who need help.


How to make your medical and prescription charges cheaper

Registering with the UC Health Centre is essential to receive heavily subsidised student healthcare. A Community Services Card will enable us to continue to offer you mainly free medical consultations and will also reduce the cost of after-hours health services and prescriptions. We have community services card application forms at reception, and these are also available from any Work and Income (WINZ) office or online. A fee of $15 per consultation applies if you enrol at the UC Health Centre but don't have a Community Services Card.

* Please note, fees are subject to change at any time.

To register or make an appointment, please contact us.

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