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Who can help

03 November 2023

Find out who can help if you have a concern or wish to make a formal complaint. 

Grievance and Academic Processes Advisors

Anyone with a concern can contact our Grievance and Academic Processes Advisors.

UCSA Advocacy and Welfare Support

The University of Canterbury Students' Association (UCSA) is independent of the University and exists to support students. You can contact the Advocacy and Welfare Team via email, phone, or just drop into the UCSA offices to discuss your concern.

The UCSA Student Advocate can assist you with: 

  • navigating appeals and complaints processes.
  • writing concerns, complaints, and appeals.
  • locating and understanding relevant regulations and policies.
  • understanding your options and avenues for resolution.
  • understanding what evidence is required for an appeal or complaint.
  • facilitating communication between you and the University.
  • attending meetings as a support person or advocate and assisting with appeals. 

The UCSA Student Advocate exists to provide independent, confidential support to students so that they do not have to navigate appeals, grievances or general concerns alone – deciding to pursue one of these can be daunting, and it can help to have someone who knows the process to help you out! You can find the UCSA office in Haere-roa.

Refer to the UCSA Support page for contact details.

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