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Deep Restore with Heart and Mind Yoga

08 March 2024

Utilising science-based relaxation techniques and deep stretches, join Jo Jarden from Heart and Mind Yoga through a gentle guided practice to relax the nervous system and unwind. 

This restorative class offers an opportunity to quietly observe, soothe and let go of our worries. Absolutely no experience required. A perfect reset for the end of a busy term!

Course Options



Deep Restore Term 1 - Sunday 11:30am

(24th March)


Deep Restore Term 2 - Sunday 11:30am

(26th May)


Deep Restore Term 3 - Sunday 11:30am

(18th August)


Deep Restore Term 4  - Sunday 11:30am

(13th October)


Why try Deep Restore?

  • You enjoy a slow yoga style, with relaxation and deep stretching.
  • You want to calm and soothe your nervous system.
  • You want to learn some techniques to help you relax.


What to expect?

  • Arrive at the venue no later than 11.15am so you can set up your space.
  • The session will commence at 11.30am and will run for approximately 1hour 45minutes.
  • We will provide props to support your poses, to allow deep stretching without pain. We will take time to set up poses, and then hold them for 3-5mins each.
  • We ask that you turn all phones off/silent for the entire session, to respect both the teacher and others attending.


What to wear & bring?

  • Comfortable clothing that allows you to relax and move freely, stretchy or loose.
  • No shoes, socks are optional.
  • Please bring a small light blanket – keeps you warm while you’re being so still.
  • We will provide bolsters, blocks and mats but if you have your own, we do encourage you to bring them with you.
  • Bring a water bottle.
  • Location: Te Moana Nui a Kiwa | Rehua 226

Check the timetable for class times and to sign up to a course.

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