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30 January 2024

Dust off your ballet shoes (or grab your first pair!) – Our Adult Ballet classes welcome everyone, from seasoned dancers to absolute beginners. Rediscover the thrill of graceful leaps and intricate footwork, or take your first graceful steps into the world of ballet. With Zoe's joyful approach and expert guidance, you'll build confidence, explore your creativity, and find your place in a supportive community of fellow dance enthusiasts.

Course Options

Ballet Level 1 - Thursday 5:20pm

(2 May - 30 May)


Ballet Level 2 - Thursday 6:20pm

(2 May - 30 May)


Why try BALLET?

  • You've always loved to dance and want to get back into it. 
  • Strengthen and tone your entire body in a fun and elegant way.
  • Improve balance, coordination, and flexibility
  • Improve posture and body awareness. 
  • Gain confidence and learn a new skill!


What to expect in a normal BALLET session?

Phase 1: Barre - Warm-up and body and lengthen the muscles using the ballet barre, ready for center work. 
Phase 2: Centre - a variety of poses and movements completed in the center of the room. A challenge for both your muscles and your balance. 
Phase 3: Allegro - This phase of the class is faster and includes a bit of jumping!
Phase 4: Choreography - Over the 5 weeks, you will learn a short and simple routine, to put your new skills to the test.
Phase 5: Stretching - Spend time stretching and relaxing the muscles.


What to wear?

  • Comfortable workout clothing, that allows the body to move freely. 
  • Socks or ballet shoes. Something that will allow your feet to slide over the carpet in the Zen Zone. 
  • You do not need to wear the traditional ballet uniform (leotard, tights, etc). 


What you need to know

  • Level 1: Open to everyone from beginner to experienced. The session will have simpler choreography for people to learn the basics, or master them! 
  • Level 2: Open for people with previous Ballet experience. The session will have more complex choreography and be taught at a faster pace, as the basics will already be known. 
  • The course runs for 5 weeks, 1 session per week.
  • This course is suitable for all levels, no experience required.
  • Location: MindBody Zone - UC RecCentre
  • Max 8 participants
  • Please bring a towel and drink bottle
  • Non-Members: A membership is required to participate in our specialty courses. We suggest purchasing a 1 Month membership ($79). The membership will start on the first day of the course, and end on the day of the final session. 

Check the timetable for class times and to sign up to a course.

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