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Boxing Fitness

30 January 2024

Our RecCentre offers boxing-based, non-contact fitness classes that will push you to your limit. We cater for all levels. Check out boxing fitness at UC and get amongst it! 

Course Options

Boxing Opt 1 - Wednesday 6:20pm

(1 May - 29 May)


Boxing Opt 2 - Saturday 10:30am

(4 May - 1 June)


Why try Boxing fitness?

  • You like the adrenaline that comes with working at high intensity
  • You like the tone and shape you'll get in your upper body and abs
  • You like the cardio benefits without having to do any running
  • You want a bit of variety in your workout.
  • You like working out with others to keep you motivated.


  • Basic Level (with Intermediate options available) - Our instructors can cater for everyone. 
  • Perfect if you're looking to learn the basic boxing movements or refine your old skills. 
  • The first sessions will focus on learning the different punches, while the remaining sessions help you practice your new skills and get fitter and stronger! 
  • A challenging workout with lots of variety to keep you on your toes. 
  • Pre and Post testing will be completed to allow you to track your progress. 


Boxing (Level 2)

  • Intermediate Level  
  • Designed for people with Boxing Fitness experience. You should be able to jump straight into the class, already knowing the basic punches.
  • BoxFit style sessions with a focus on improving your overall boxing fitness and strength. 
  • Each class will be different every time!
  • Pre and Post testing will be completed to allow you to track your progress. 


What you need to know 

  • Open to everyone, no membership required.
  • Each course runs for 5 weeks, 1 session per week.
  • Gloves and pads provided.
  • Wraps are advised but are optional.
  • Location: Boxing Zone - UC RecCentre
  • Maximum 14 per class
  • Non-Members: A membership is required to participate in our specialty courses. We suggest purchasing a 1 Month membership ($79). The membership will start on the first day of the course, and end on the day of the final session. 

Check the timetable for class times and to sign up to a course.

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