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Staff Assura FAQs

22 February 2024

Got a question about how to use UC's H&S reporting system, Assura?


Assura Frequently Asked Questions

Perhaps you have just asked one of them? Open each section to discover more about Assura.

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When do I log a BEIMS request versus a Safety Observation?

A BEIMS request needs to lodged when you require FM to action something. Sometimes there is overlap with the content of a Safety Observation. For example, you notice uneven flooring which is both an Unsafe Condition observation and requires a BEIMS for Facilities attention. 

What should I do if I get an error alert? 

Please try to take a screenshot or write down the wording. Email and we will troubleshoot the problem with you. 

Is every report investigated?

No, reports judged to have a minor severity will not be investigated. The level of investigation will also be determined by the realised or potential severity of the event consequences. A good question to help determine this is "Could one or several people have been seriously injured, harmed or killed if this had gone differently?" See the Assessing Risk article.

Will I find out the outcome or investigation results of my report? 

Yes, you will receive an email notification when your report has been completed by either your Manager or DSO.

How is the manager notified, and how do we know the Manager has picked it up? 

It is all sent via email, with a link to the report. You can follow up directly with your Manager, or click on the link in your report confirmation email to keep an eye on progress.

As a DSO, am I meant to encourage staff to report directly to Assura themselves?

Yes, please do promote the use of the system amongst staff.

What's the difference between a DSO and an HSO?

We call all Department and Health Safety Officers DSOs. The university is structured by Faculties and Schools, but Department is a recognisable and all-purpose term. 

Who in H&S is behind a 24-hour contact number? For questions about notifiable events? 

In the first instance please contact security in case of emergency. Security can then advise next steps. 

What happens when your manager is on leave? Does the incident notification sit in their inbox?

Yes it does, however the DSO is notified at the same time. Health and Safety also receive a notification each time a new report is made.
If you notice that it has been assigned to an absent Manager, email for manual reassignment. 

Why does my report go to my Manager and DSO, and not just the DSO?

Your Manager is responsible for your health and safety. We think it is fantastic that with Assura, Managers know firsthand what is happening with health and safety in their department, school, or faculty. 

What is the process of investigating an incident?

When a Manager determines the severity of an incident or safety observation as moderate (medical treatment), significant (hospitalisation), major (fatality or permanent disability), or catastrophic (multiple fatalities), then a DSO will be assigned to investigate. DSOs are the best equipped to complete an investigation as the safety leaders in their departments. 

Who determines if a full investigation is required? 

When a Manager determines the severity of an incident or safety observation (realised or potential) to be moderate (medical treatment), significant (hospitalisation), major (fatality or permanent disability), or catastrophic (multiple fatalities), then a DSO will be assigned to investigate. 

Who can see the incidents that have been reported?

Incidents are locked down to the department. Only a Department or Faculty's DSOs and Managers can see the data. Anyone up the heirarchy has oversight over the data as well. Health and safety has oversight for data integrity purposes. 

Will I be able to see other incidents from around your college, or the wider university? 

No, it’s based on your department as assigned by PeopleSoft. We have designed the security of data in Assura to protect staff privacy.

Who can access the H&S Committee Meeting minutes?

Much like they are now, these will be public to all. We ask that minute takers consider what goes in, and what should be omitted from, the minutes. These are available on the intranet here (staff only)

Who do I contact if I can't log in or remember my password?

Please email and include a screenshot of any error message. Please ensure you are using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer is not compatible. 

Who do I contact if I think I can see information I shouldn't have access to?

We have put a great deal of thought and testing into this aspect. If there is a breach of security, please alert us immediately via email and include a screenshot of the information you can see.

Will I be able to see the reports I have made?

Yes, if you use the web application, then you can see them under 'Incidents Lodged by Me'.

What is SSO?

SSO stands for Single Sign On. This means when you are logged into a UC device already, Assura will not ask you for a username and password. It should log you in automatically.

Can I go back into an incident report and edit it to add information divulged or uncovered after the initial report? 

Yes, you will have full access, and even once an investigation is closed you can still Query back to the Investigation state and add detail. 

How do I find the Assura system? 

You can find links to the Assura system on the Health and Safety page.

How do I report an Incident?

Fill out the form here. If you need more help, watch the helpful instructional videos found here.

How do I report a 'near miss'?

Near misses are reported the same way an incident is. Fill out the form here. If you need more help, watch the helpful instructional videos found here

Where do I find the quick help guides? 

These are located here on the Health and Safety website.

How do I find out my business unit if I don't know it? 

The Business Units are derived from PeopleSoft which has some legacy team, school, department and faculty names.
The best way to find it is to search in the business unit field for the faculty or department above yours.

How do I know the difference between Minor and Catastrophic consequences? 

Minor (first aid treatment), moderate (medical treatment), significant (hospitalisation), major (fatality or permanent disability), or catastrophic (multiple fatalities).

Will Assura have Audits in it? E.g., Defibrillator checks. Other event notifications? Health checks?

We have started working on this, we currently have a range of audit functions for our DSO's to use under the DSO toolbox

Are we going to look at adding functionality on chemical tracking or hazardous substances etc.? 

There is some potential. If your department is considering a new system, please ask H&S about Assura but we would encourage you to explore custom or industry-specific software solutions as well.

Will we be able to manage field activities through Assura? 

This is currently in beta testing, for more detail on how to Plan Fieldwork in Assura see the  Fieldwork guidence pages.

How do I log in to the mobile app? 

You can download the Assura One mobile app in any app store, and sign in using the URL and your UC network login. More instructions are found here.

How can I report an incident when I'm out of service on a field trip or work integrated learning?

The mobile app has offline capability, but you need to have downloaded and signed in to the app before you go on your field trip. See more instructions here

Can I use the mobile app on my personal phone? 

Yes, you can download it exactly as you would for a work device, and use your network login for Microsoft Office. See more instructions in the Mobile App section of this page.

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