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Targeted emails to students

18 September 2023

As a prospective employer you can promote an on-campus event or an employment opportunity by emailing students according to their subject major and level of study. Find out about increasing your chances of reaching students through our targeted emails.


Increase your chances of reaching your target audience by promoting your on-campus event or employment opportunities by emailing relevant students by subject major and level of study.

This service can be used to promote current recruitment, on-campus or on-site activities and scholarships and awards. It can be very targeted with you, the employer, selecting which subject majors and study levels you most want to engage with.

We charge a fee for the sponsored targeted email service, starting from $90.00+ GST.

We recommend limiting emails to 200 words or less of text and you are welcome to include colour photographs and graphics and any useful links.

Please note that it is UC Policy that firms advertise their vacancies first through NZUni Talent before any other publicity is sent out. This policy ensures that all positions are listed in one place so that students and graduates can easily access all vacancies.

Please contact the employment coordinator for a quotation.

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