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Employer FAQs

18 September 2023

From job boards to salary guides, see what other people are asking in our employer FAQs.


The University of Canterbury's online recruitment tool NZUni Talent is for employers, organisations and community groups to use when advertising vacancies, internships and scholarships to UC students and graduates. 

UC is part of a group of seven universities in New Zealand that work together to secure and promote employment and scholarship opportunities through the NZUni Talent platform.

This means NZUni Talent is the only jobs board in New Zealand with direct access to students and graduates from seven of the eight New Zealand universities.

All UC students and graduates can access this service, and about 1300 students log into the site each week to view and apply for advertised positions.

It is a simple process to sign-up and list vacancies. You can target your job listing to specific areas of study and preview your advertisements within the employer dashboard. You can also set up and maintain an employer profile within the platform for students to learn more about your organisation.

  • University of Canterbury
  • Lincoln University
  • University of Otago
  • Auckland University of Technology
  • University of Auckland
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • Massey University

Yes you can. While seven universities participate, you control who you wish to advertise with.

Our NZUni Talent jobs platform does not only advertise to current students (undergraduate and postgraduate) but also to recent graduates as our graduates remain registered onto the website indefinitely.

The Employment Coordinator also works with faculty around graduate recruitment.

Yes! Our international students are a huge asset to Aotearoa, with global studies showing a company’s diversity of staffing has a direct correlation with its bottom line and culture. 

Employers do not need to provide any information to Immigration New Zealand when looking to employ someone who holds a Student visa or Post-Study Work visa. Specific conditions for each student are contained in their eVisa.

  • Our international graduates can apply for a three year open (non-market) tested post-study work visa upon completion of their degree. This allows students to work in any job, in any industry and region across New Zealand for up to a three year period. For tools and resources designed for New Zealand employers, see INZ resources for hiring migrant staff
  • Current student visa holders may be allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours a week and full-time during all scheduled holidays and/or during the Christmas and New Year holiday period. For information about employing a student visa holder, refer to the INZ Information Sheet

If your internship can fit a programme of study that offers work-integrated learning options for example our PACE Internships, or our Executive Development Programme, then yes, we can assist with sourcing a potential candidate or candidates for you.  If the opportunity does not fit, then we are not able to assist with promotion on our job platform NZUni Talent.

We ask our employers to look to pay a living wage if they can otherwise minimum wage depending on the level of study and expertise you are looking for.

We hold a Business and Arts Careers Fair, Law Recruitment Evening (both in early March), STEM Careers Fair (early May) and a Volunteering Expo annually (late July/early August).

Please visit the Career fairs and expo page for more information about these events and how you can register to participate. Please note, registrations open in early December for the following year.

If you have any questions about our Careers Fairs please contact our Events Team in the first instance  or the Employment Coordinator

We absolutely can help, you are able to post details of your volunteering opportunities free of charge on our jobs platform, NZUni Talent.  Please use this link to sign-up and post your advertisement. We also host a Volunteering Expo each year in late July, early August and if you are interested in attending, please let the Employment Coordinator know. Contact

Scholarships and awards are free of charge to advertise on our NZUni Talent jobs board, please contact them to sign-up and post details free of charge.

The Employment Coordinator can assist with your organisation coming onto campus or engaging online with our students.  We assist with the venue, audiovisual equipment, a host and promotion.


We do offer a targeted email service so employers are able to send through recruitment related information directly to our student’s university in-boxes.  This service can be used to promote current recruitment, on-campus or on-site activities and scholarships and awards.  It can be very targeted with the employer selecting which subject majors and which study levels you most want to engage with.

Please see the current schedule of fees below:

Please note that it is UC Policy that firms advertise their vacancies first through NZUni Talent before any other publicity is sent out. This policy ensures that all graduate positions are listed in one place so that students can easily access all vacancies.

Emails (1 x subject + 1 x year study level = 1 course group)

  • Less than 10 course groups: $90 + GST
  • 10-20 course groups: $220 + GST
  • 20-30 course groups: $330 + GST
  • 30-40 course groups: $550 + GST
  • 40-50 course groups: $770 + GST
  • 50-60 course groups: $990 + GST

We recommend limiting emails to 200 words or less of text and you are welcome to include colour photographs and graphics and any useful links.

Please contact the Employment Coordinator for assistance.

The Employment Coordinator works closely with the Work Experience Coordinators from the College of Engineering to promote any summer work opportunities for our Engineering students.  We also recommend advertising on the NZUni Talent job platform.

Please use the following links for more information:

For more information, contact the UC Careers Employment Co-ordinator or the UC Engineering Work Experience Coordinators

Advertising employment opportunities to our students can and does happen throughout the year, however, there are some  periods that see higher levels of recruitment engagement and these are outlined below:

  • Business and Law: February, March April
  • Engineering: February, March, May, June

Please don’t consider that these as the only time you can advertise as this is not correct, but some of the larger Accounting, Law and Engineering firms do come to market for their internship and graduate programmes at these times.

We recommend reviewing the University of Canterbury key dates for the academic year to also assist you when planning to go to market.

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