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Student parking

15 October 2023

Students can park in areas designated for student parking. To park in student parking areas students must display a valid permit or coupon. Learn more about student parking at UC.


Getting a Student Parking Permit

Students are entitled to park in areas designated for student parking.

In order to park in student parking areas students must display a valid permit or coupon. For more details, please see the Apply for a Student Parking Permit section below.


Definition of "Student"

For the purpose of issuing parking permits, the same definition of student will be used as it is used for the issuing of Canterbury Cards, that is, "all enrolled students." This includes those enrolled in Foundation Studies, ESOL, and Bachelor of Teaching and Learning programmes.

Students who are engaged as tutors, research assistants or other temporary employment, undertake their duties in that role for more than 60% of their time at UC, and have been issued with a staff access card, will not be eligible for a student parking permit.

Read more about how to apply for a Student Parking Permit section below.


The table below lists the costs for a Student Parking Permit

(1 JAN - 31 DEC)
All year permit$475
Half year permit$237.50
Quarterly permit$118.75
Monthly permit*$39.60
Daily coupon$8.00 per day
Short term pay and display$3.00 per hour

*From first day of calendar month to last day of calendar month.

Apply for a Student Parking Permit

An all-year or Semester student parking permit entitles the permit holder to park in areas designated for students. Purchase of a permit does not guarantee the holder a parking space. It is simply a license-to-hunt.


Cost (GST inclusive)
  • All-year student parking permit is $475 for 2024.
  • Half year permit is $237.50 for 2024.
  • Quarterly permit is $118.75 for 2024.
  • Monthly permit is $39.60 for 2024.

Permits are transferable. However, if you forget to transfer your parking permit to another vehicle and you wish to park on campus, a daily coupon must be purchased and displayed appropriately. Failure to do so will result in enforcement action and possible penalty as per the Parking and Traffic Statute 2017.

Obtaining a student parking permit
  • Permits will be available from the Security Office at 114 Ilam Road.
Payment Options
  • Credit Card


Please be aware Lost parking permits will not be replaced as the parking permit once purchaced becomes the holders responsibility,

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