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Parking coupons

12 September 2023

From all day/weekly coupons to pay-by-plate parking, find out how parking coupons work at UC.



All-day/weekly coupons

Staff and students and visitors who don't have an all-year parking permit will also be able to park in staff, students and visitors only parking areas (8.00am to 5.00pm) by displaying an all-day parking coupon attached to the driver's window.

Please note that all-day parking coupons cannot be used in a pay and display area.

The cost of a one-use all-day parking coupon is $8.00.

The cost of a weekly coupon it $30.00

(please note Weekly parking coupons are valid for seven consecutive days from the scratched start date) 

All-day/weekly parking coupons can be purchased from the following designated outlets on campus:

  • 114 Ilam Road - Security

Regular checks will be made to ensure that the displayers of all-day coupons are parked in the correct parking areas to ensure compliance with the Parking and Traffic Statute 2017 (download below) and car park designations.

Please refer to the Map of designated outlets

Pay-by-plate parking

Some areas of short-term parking are serviced by pay-by-plate units. Staff and student permits are not valid in pay and display areas.

Please note:all-day parking coupons may not be used in the pay and display areas.

Anyone intending to park in these areas should familiarise themselves in advance with the features of the pay and display units.

The pay-and-display units are paperless.

You don't need to return to your car to place a ticket on the dashboard after paying for your parking.

Follow these steps:

  1. Enter your car's licence plate number into the unit.
  2. Select how long you wish to park
  3. Pay for parking with coins, or contactless cards (Paywave).
  4. Press OK and select whether you want an e-receipt or not.

Please refer to the map of pay-and-display machine locations.

Download the UC Parking and Traffic Statute

Download (application/pdf, 140 KB)
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