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Staff parking

21 November 2023

UC staff can park in areas designated for staff parking on campus provided their cars display a valid permit or coupon. Find out about staff parking at UC.


Staff are entitled to park in areas designated for Staff Parking.

In order to park in Staff Parking areas, staff cars must display a valid permit or coupon.

For further information see:


Definition of "Staff"

Any person employed by the University of Canterbury.

For the purpose of issuing parking permits, the same definition of staff will be used as it is used for the issuing of Canterbury Cards, that is, "a person who is engaged for paid employment with the University of Canterbury by way of an employment agreement, personal contract, or through official arrangements with another organization."

If you are entitled to a UC Staff or Visitor Access Card, then you are obliged to pay full staff parking rates.

There are a number of Daily/Weekly/Monthly parking options available if you if you do not hold a UC Staff or Visitor Access Card.

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