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Staff parking

21 November 2023

UC staff can park in areas designated for staff parking on campus provided their cars display a valid permit or coupon. Find out about staff parking at UC.


Staff are entitled to park in areas designated for Staff Parking.

In order to park in Staff Parking areas, staff cars must display a valid permit or coupon.

For further information see:


Definition of "Staff"

For the purpose of issuing parking permits, the same definition of staff will be used as it is used for the issuing of Canterbury Cards, that is, "a person who is engaged for paid employment with the University of Canterbury by way of an employment agreement, personal contract, or through official arrangements with another organization."


This definition is then extended to include the following (all of whom are eligible to apply for a staff parking permit):

  • Continuing and fixed term employees (either full-time or part-time) who are engaged in academic teaching and/or research (academic staff) or support services (general staff) and who are being paid by UC through the payroll system including those funded from departmental budgets. (This category includes library short-term supernumerary staff paid from the library budget).
  • University Council members, emeritus professors, research associates, writers-in-residence, adjunct professors, and adjunct fellows.
  • Retired or voluntary severance staff who have the approval of the Manager Human Resources (excluding those subsequently enrolled as students - post retirement or severance).
  • Casual employees - and ad hoc employee for whom there are no set or established hours of work on any day or week, and where there is no expectation of ongoing employment after each engagement.
  • Post doctoral fellows, who have been formally appointed by the University and who are paid for the duration of their fellowships.
  • Students who are engaged as tutors, research assistants or other temporary employment will only be issued with a staff permit if they expend greater than 60% of their time at the University undertaking these duties and have been issued with a staff access card.
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