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Parking penalties

12 September 2023

All vehicles parked on UC's campus must display a valid parking permit or coupon for the area the vehicle is parked in. If you break UC's parking rules your wheel will be clamped. Find out about infringements and parking penalties at UC.


Parking penalties

Rights and obligations


All vehicles parked on the University campus must display a valid parking permit or coupon for the area the vehicle is parked in.

Purchase of an all-year parking permit does not guarantee a parking space on campus. It simply furnishes the holder the right to park in designated Staff and Student Permit Parking areas if space is available. This is covered in the University's Parking and Traffic Statute 2017 (download below). Permit holders are required to comply with display instructions and appropriate parking regulations in the use of the permit.


Penalties for infringements


Wheel clamping offences

  • Student parked in a staff only area
  • Staff parked in a student only area
  • Parked in a Pay & Display area without a valid pay and display permit - 
  • Not displaying a valid parking permit
  • Not in a marked parking space
  • Parked in a No Parking area
  • Parked in a Reserved Park (Vehicle may be removed if requested by allocated department)
  • Parked on grass area
  • Parked on yellow lines
  • Parking in disabled bay
  • Inconsiderate parking 

Cost of offences

  • First offence: $50 fine
  • Second offence: $100 fine
  • Third offence: Vehicle Towed plus a ban from parking on campus

* NOTES: Clamped vehicles may be removed after 24 hours unless agreed with UC Security Services. Release cost is clamp fee plus removal costs.

Tow-away (Payable direct to removal contractor)

  • Obstruction to safety

Appeals for review of penalties incurred as a result of parking infringements must be made on the appropriate form. Forms can be obtained from Security Services. Parking infringements constitute a legal debt to the University. 


Parking and Traffic Statute 2017

People who park on campus must abide by the regulations contained within the University's Parking and Traffic Statute 2017.

Download the UC Parking and Traffic Statute

Download (application/pdf, 140 KB)
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