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Graduate and postgraduate study provides you with specialist skills and applied experience. It can also open up a new career direction.

Why study at a higher level?
Being a research student

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Graduate study applications

Entry requirements

Check if you meet the entrance requirements to the graduate research qualification you are intending to study by looking on the qualifications and eligibility pages. You will also need to meet UC's English Language Requirements and if you have not studied at a NZ university before you will need to check you meet University Entrance requirements.

Planning your study

If you are intending to study a graduate qualification with a research component, you will need to find a supervisor. Your supervisor will work closely with you for the period of your research (2-4 years depending on the degree) so it's important to find someone you feel comfortable working with. The UC Research Profile page and Find a Supervisor tool are some good places to start. Find someone who shares your research interests, and think about what you need from them - e.g., do you want to work independently or meet with them regularly to keep you on track? Arrange a meeting to discuss expectations, research ideas, and availability. 

If you are intending to study a taught-only qualification (with no research component) you may want to speak to the Department Graduate Research Coordinator or a Student Advisor. You can talk through which courses you would like to take and how you will structure your study. 

When to apply

Check whether there is an application closing date for admission to the particular qualification you are interested in. If you need to apply for admission to the University, please submit your application at least 6 months before your intended start date.  You should also check the Key Course Dates for the last date to accept your Enrolment Offer. 

How to apply 

Apply to enrol via myUC - follow the steps on the Enrolment Process page. You may also need to complete an additional Application for Admission to the programme you are interested in.

Beginning your postgraduate study at UC

There are numerous start dates available throughout the year depending on what you would like to study. Some qualifications such as PhDs have an anytime start, while others courses and qualifications begin at the start or in the middle of the year. Browse the Postgraduate Prospectus to find out when you could begin your study at UC. 

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