This website records the exhibition ‘Through a glass, darkly’: Canterbury’s King James Bible – 400 Years of Mystery, Power & Imagination. The exhibition was held in the Central Library of the University of Canterbury between 1 October and 10 November 2011. This website is the exhibition catalogue.

The text for the sections 'What is the Bible?', 'The Bible in English', 'Canterbury's King James Bibles' and 'The Burstow KJB Project' was prepared by Dr Chris Jones (UC, History Department); the text for the sections 'Influence of the King James Bible'and 'The King James Bible in Today's World' was prepared by Ms Bronwyn Matthews (UC Library, Special Collections). The website is supplemented with material from the Burstow King James Bible Project, directed by Dr Jones, and his public lecture ‘The King James Bible from James I to Barack Obama’ delivered on 9 November 2011.

Revisons to the sections 'Why are Canterbury's KJBs special?' and 'The Provenance of the Canterbury KJBs' were carried out in 2012/13 by Ruth Larsen as part of a summer internship, 'ARTS395: Rare Books Website Redevelopment'.

The original exhibition was curated by Dr Chris Jones and Ms Bronwyn Matthews.

Photography: Duncan Shaw-Brown/Eve Welch unless otherwise stated; Chris Jones for 'Burstow KJB' pages.

Webdesign: Marie Johnson.

Dr Jones and Ms Matthews would like to express their gratitude to the Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin, the Board of the British Library, the Rare Books and Special Collections Division of the Library of Congress, Washington, DC and Lambeth Palace Library for permission to reproduce material from their collections.

All images are © University of Canterbury unless otherwise stated. They must not be reproduced in any medium without prior permission.

Last update: 11th February 2013 (3rd edition)